Maldives: Sunny Side of a Living Hell!

07 Apr

The Maldivian Government seems to have become a completely defunct establishment to be of any use to the people. The majority of the youth are in complete disarray and without proper guidance or direction. There is almost absolute anarchy on the streets of Male’ overcrowded with over 130,000 locals and more than half the country’s estimated over 60,000 expatriates.

The gang violence that has been raging in the country for the last several years has come to a climax in the past few months and the scale of the near killings since last Thursday is sending shivers through the whole population. The government do not seem to be able to contain the anarchy, nor able to negotiate with the parties involved to arrive at a cessation of hostilities.

We can only pray there may be a cessation of the violence through a third party negotiation, such as with the assistance of EU or US experts. They also don’t seem to be alarmed yet!

The terror that is spreading like bush fire is also fanned by the two major political factions in the constitutional assembly (People’s Special Majlis) majority of who have forgotten the people who elected them and shifted to representing the parties of their own choosing!

It maybe that we may wake up to a country under the military, in the not too distant near future!

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