Whose religion is Islam? u

18 Oct

I work in a private company. We have standard operating procedures which tell us how to do what we do in executing our repsonsibilities. If in doubt, we always ask someone who is in a position of the management hierarchy. And when in serious doubt the managers would need to consult with the owners. They know best. It’s their company, people in the lower rungs of the hierarchy have powers vested in them by the positions they hold or by their “worth” in the company.

What is the above all about? Yes! It’s about ownership. Business are run on what the owners know. You may hire the best brains but the owners finally decide. Why? Because it’s their money, their destiny.

Reading about the order to remove the veil as a part of the “Islamic female dress” in public places, and the reaction of the religous leaders of the political parties and other eminent “Islamic” scholars, I couldn’t but wonder whose religion this is.

Sometimes we are told and also made to believe this is our religion. We have no mediary between man and Allah. That Allah had bestowed upon man the freedom of choice. That Allah has sent His Word “the Quran” through Prophet Muhammadh for all humanity. That the Quran will be preserved in its original form to the last human breadth. And thus far it has been proven.

So, it was understood that the owner of the religion of Islam is Allah. We have a direct link to Allah. We don’t need a third party to reach to Allah.

Yet, sometimes it is funny, more so nowadays; that some tend to believe that they know more and better. That others should listen to particular people when practising the religion of Islam. None of these people tell you what they believe and ask you to make your decision. They don’t seem to have faith in the creation of Allah. But Allah has trust in Humans. Funny, isn’t it? These people they know better than Allah?

I believe that ever if the veil is prohibited it should be for reasons of national security. Such a decision cannot be made by any council, but only the elected representatives of the people (by law: in the parliament). And even for those who don’t like the idea of prohibiting the “Islamic veil”, to say that a particular group of people with a particular kind of education and knowing a particular language should be consulted before making such decisions; they are only questioning the wisdom of Allah.

Allah never destined that human being must be ruled by its religous scholars. Making some people “religous” and others not is a making of humans, to separate people into classes. Allah definitely sent the Prophet with His Religion, which He gave to all Humanity (of course those who believed in it!)

People are free to choose whether they will follow His Religion or not! The only problem is that some people think they can communicate the religion of Allah better than Him to the people. I am saying this because Allah has set two mediums for communication of religion to human beings: the Quran and the Life of the Prophet.

If some people think they can translate those two better than other average / ordinary human beings, I believe they have a problem. They are probably preaching a religion of their own: not Allah’s religion. I feel this especially when they say give the reason, why Allah says something in the Quran. It is not said in the Quran nor True Life History of Muhammadh.

How did the reason behind that get communicated to them and not to all humans?

Just the happenings in my mind. Thought it would be good to share with fellow bloggers to have their comments to enhance my mind.

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  1. Mr.Blogged

    October 18, 2007 at 10:07 am

    gret article shihabbe’. if theses dot guys see’s this post, they will put the translations of quran in comments like how they did on my blog.

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