The People's Reform Agenda: How?

17 Sep

In a comment to my post “New Solutions for New Problems!” a fellow blogger commented:

“Time has come for us to depart from the old structures which slows us, yes, but we have to get the people who are on the seats of People’s Special Majlis believe that. Why don’t we go back to the reality of 26 geographical atolls and then divide them into 5 groups – with governors in each of them.”

This is actually very true in relation to the amendments to the constitution that we are stuck with today. The parliamentarians charged with a new constitution have lost focus on the task at hand due to their concern for the alleged attrocities agains the people and their belief that nothing good will come out of any solution which has a place for the members of the current regime in it. This is further aggrevated by the infighting within the rank and file of the majority DRP who at times are alleged to have a majority in the upper house of parliament.

I have a strong conviction that the reform agenda in relation to the constitution should be separated from the current burning issues that we have with the executive and the judiciary which are more focused on the consquences of a past that cannot be undone.

We need to understand that the outcome of a meaningful reform agenda of the people, should give us systems and processes that would ensure an improved quality of life to the general public. One that would turn the 80/20 rule in favor of the majority having a decent life, against the minority having a decent life in the present scenario.

I believe that our nation should stand on three pillars which have its roles and function defined and understood by the citizens; the political pillar, the corporate sector, and the civil society. Each of these components of society shall have a check and balance effect on one another in serving the people. As is now the three have merged into one and the nation has been hijacked by a few.

I also believe that the resulting forward looking broad strategy for the nation outlined in the new constitution should ensure compatibility and competitiveness of the Maldives as a nation, to coexist in harmony in the global village. Yet, it seems that we are stuck with the insertion of minor matters into the constituion that should in fact be dealt with by the parliament in its legislative duties. Like all things Maldivian, the Special Majlis cannot trust anything to be left to the parliamentarians of the future.

I believe we should be asking all around: How can Maldives be compatible with and yet competitive in the global village?

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One response to “The People's Reform Agenda: How?

  1. Ahmed Marzooq

    September 17, 2007 at 8:49 am

    Do Maldivian have a Reform Agenda? I really doubt about it… Sorry but this is how i feel,:-(

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