Mob Rule and the Fear Factor!

02 Sep

Justice Jameel when he resigned this government said that he was leaving because there was no justice in this country. Shaheed said that he did not want to give himself up to the mob. Hassan Saeed said that it was impossible to go foward. Or something like that.

Today the Speaker of the Maldivian Parliament is in court for assault. Another MP appointed to Parliament by the President is in court for having spoken derogratory remarks at an opposition MP. [As if these were the firt time!]

I cannot help thinking how true the new Maldives ex-cabinet ministers were! This county is going to be in the hands of rogues and the mob in no time. Wow! Good Morning Democracy and the Rule of the Mob!

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2 responses to “Mob Rule and the Fear Factor!

  1. Shihab

    September 2, 2007 at 11:43 pm

    Riyaz is a refereee and also an MP. He has taken a vow like none of us lay people. He will not lie. Thus, Zahir must have manhandled him and caused him great psychological trauma if he says so. And Zahir is an appointee of the Dictator Gayoom. So it is clear he must be a liar. I guess there is no need to go to court. The good people should have finished it then and there. It is a sure thing that justice will not be served to good people in the courts.

  2. shahuru

    September 2, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    The young has proven i guess, after all they are too young. Gasim’s performance has proven that no matter who is leading the parliament, he will have his own weaknesses and has to face the cruelty of the rest.No matter who is in power they will think we are the most privileged and rightful; is it not the proof that dr shaheed was ridiculed for criticizing parliament.Who is so different from Gayyoom and his past?

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