Majeediyya School: A tradition of excellence

22 Jul

This morning on my way to work I came across a parent who is an acquaintance from my days in Majeediyaa as a parent. She told me that her son is now in grade ten in Majeediyya; and that this morning out of the 400 students in the grade only two or three dozen students turned up to school. 
I could not belive my ears. But that was a fact. The term tests are over and children do not see the point in coming to school; nor do their parents who are incapable of impressing upon their children the need to go to school when the term test is over. Apparently, the school had organized study skills and life skills programs for the children. But they did not see them as important.
Three things occured to me: One, the purpose of education and how it is translated into the education system in an effective manner. I am not quite sure whether we have a sense of why we send our children to school. Second, how we have evolved into a society in perfect anarchy without values and principles. Third, the incompetence of the education system to devise mechanisms and means to cater for the education of our children.
It is also interesting that the education ministry has appointed it’s highly competent executive director to run the oldest school in the country; seemingly due to a complete loss of systematic school management mechanisms. This inability of the school system to run schools effectively is alarming.  The parent also sympathized with the said executive director by saying, "how can she have the motivation, when she has to attend to a twenty for hour job for less than an assistant principal’s salary!"
Then again, there is nothing much to say; I am watching the Honorable Member of Laamu Atoll in the Special Majlis completely out of control in attacking the Chair of the Special Majlis. These negative energies that the Majlis members are pumping into the people will have far reaching consquences. That perhaps is what these honorable members want!
Hence, there is nothing to be said about the discipline and attitude of our school children and young people.
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