Making a Difference!

25 Jun

This evening I went to a special general meeting of the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). Eighteen members turned up for the meeting – twenty five is required for a qourum to hold a meeting. The meeting was cancelled as is the case quite often. The members who turned up complained to the secretariat on behalf of those who did not. Some complained that it was what the secretariat wanted – for the members not to turn up. Some others complained that the time was not appropriate – that it should have been eight thirty instead of eight o’clock. Yet others complained that the Chamber Executive Board should have known that the Prize Giving Ceremony of Aminiya School was to be held tonight and a special session of the People’s Special Majlis was scheduled for tonight. The membership of MNCCI is in access of 400 registered members!
I could not help but think of how we desired others to make everything right for us. I never heard of one person who mentioned what he would do differently the next time to make the meeting happen. Everyone was anxious to tell what someone else could do – not what he/she could do. This is the fate of most of us. I see this day in day out; with family, friends, at work, all around me.
I cannot help but wonder how much of a difference we could make, if we trained our minds to focus on solutions – to engage ourselves in making a difference. But that happens only when people have a purpose in life; when people are aware of the reasons for doing something they can do to make a difference.
I wish there was a society in our midst who would take it upon themselves to educate people on the reasons for engaging themselves in making a difference, in achieving what they wanted. It is so simple yet so unattainable in a nation where we have been brought up to have others fend for us. In something as simple as holding a meeting, people expect to be reminded personally a day before and fifteen minutes before the meeting – in addition to publication of an announcement in the daily papers.
Only if we were aware why we should engage ourselves to make a difference – that would be empowerment!
Mohamed Shihab / Smile and Let Smile
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