Public Transport in Male

23 Apr

Today I had to go fetch my daughter from school. The reason being that her aunt who fetch her from school was not in Male. I had to go and fetch her and take her to the ferry, so that my wife could receive her in Villingili and take her to school with her mother. There would be no one to look after Almas if she went home.
We live in Villingili and Almas goes to Thaajuddeen School in Male. As I walked Almas to the ferry, my thoughts were on the recent talks of a public transport system in Male. I wondered, "Did the proponents a public transport system deliberate on (i) the purpose of a public transport system, (ii) the recepients of the system, (iii) the needs of the people who would avail the services of a public transport system?
A public transport system should, to my mind, give the parents the confidence and assurance, to send their children to school and back, under the system. This would allow parents to be able to work with peace of mind in their jobs, responsibly. Today most parents have to take two three short leaves in a day to take and fetch their children from school. There’s no one in the government who have the time or the need to look into this national need and attend to it.
One has to fend for himself for every little thing, due to the lack of any public infrastructure that caters for the needs of the public. No wonder that the general public do not feel "the need for a government" in this country. We are left to fend for ourselves, while the government caters for the needs of those high-ups they serve.
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