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Child Sex Offenders Bill sent to Committee

MPs today voted unanimously to send a bill calling for harsher punishments for child sex offenders to committee for further review.

The legislation proposed by Kulhudhufushi South MP Mohamed Nasheed would suspend the right to silence, extend detention periods during investigation and relax admissibility and standards of evidence.

Further, it would introduce longer jail terms, ranging between 14 to 25 years, without the possibility of bail, parole or early release, and parents or legal guardians will get harsher penalties.

Presenting the bill, Nasheed said a common complaint about enforcing laws was lack of funds, facilities and expertise.”I have drawn up a timetable to fully implement everything in the bill within three years,” he said.

He said he will submit his “action plan” to the committee to place obligations on the government to implement the law.Nasheed further proposed the bill should be named after Mohamed Nafiu, an eight-month-old baby boy who died last month after being beaten and sexually abused by his mother and her boyfriend.

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Bill Submitted to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse: Miadhu Report

Maidhu Online report
24th March 2009:

Male’ MP Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra) has submitted a draft bill to the People’s Majlis on Monday calling on the government to provide harsh punishment to those who sexually abuse children. The bill also proposes that such sentences may not be lightened.

In presenting the bill, Ibra said that he had, in the past, attempted to submit a similar bill and that he was submitting the bill, at a time when the term of Majlis is about to end, as he believed that it would be improper to vacate the Majlis without doing something to save the children of the country from the immense danger they face. He said by submitting the bill he intended to achieve two objectives.

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