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I have been reminded by WordPress that yesterday was 12 years since I joined WordPress and started blogging. What a journey it has been. It is good to be reminded of the anniversary.

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Fifty Awesome People

(This post was originally written on May 12, 2016. It was left in the drafts and found today as I went through the drafts to delete them.)

These are the most important people in my life, as I turn 50 years old. A journey that has been awesome with the Blessing of Allah.

  1. Mamma
  2. Munnaa
  3. Amaa
  4. Bondo bappaa
  5. Bappa
  6. Munnaatha
  7. Kokko (Hykal)
  8. Rahmaatha
  9. Anwar
  10. Aisthu
  11. Ahmed
  12. Almas
  13. Ameem
  14. Ainee
  15. Ziru
  16. Amee
  17. Hassanbeybe
  18. Mandhatha
  19. Aisha (Mohamed Didi)
  20. Navaratne
  21. Midhath
  22. Beybe
  23. Zahir Hussain
  24. Alibe (Naifaru)
  25. Mohamed Salih
  26. Abdulla Salih
  27. Mariyandhaitha
  28. Mohamed Fulhube
  29. Muhammadhu
  30. Jaufaru
  31. Ismaalu
  32. Ismaalu mamma
  33. Thiththa (Baiiyge)
  34. Thahey
  35. Khadhee
  36. Aisthu Bappa
  37. Aisthu Mamma
  38. Solah
  39. Mumajjadhu
  40. Dhaththa
  41. Shameema
  42. Mukthaaraatha
  43. Amjad
  44. Aisaatha
  45. Nish
  46. Fathun
  47. Aiminath
  48. Nazee
  49. Arushadh
  50. Student from Majeediyya 6S
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Another opportunity to serve!

This morning in a brief meeting of the broadcast "Content Adjudication Committee" of the Ministry of Information and Arts, I was asked by my colleagues in the committee to be the Chair of the Committee. I have accepted the invitation and the Ministry of Information has announced my appointment to the post of Chairman of the Content Adjudication Committee. The committee comprises of nine persons selected in their individual capacity from various sectors of society.
I am very glad to have the opportunity to serve in a committee of this stature and to be able to contribute to national development in monitoring of compliance to the licence given to the first generation of private broadcasters in the Maldives. The committee will also give me an additional opportunity to interact with high intellects from various fields and broaden my horizon of understanding of our society. Alhamduli-Allah!
The committee meets once every two months.

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A New Opportunity: to Serve Care Society

In a rescheduled AGM of Care Society, I have been elected to the executive board of the Society. I was not in the meeting, but I had given my word to Ijaazullah that I would like to be a part of the executive body, if the general membership felt that way. In the evening, I had an sms from Ijaz to announce the decision of the meeting, and then when I came home I had very kinds words for me posted on this blog from Yafaau’s father. Thank you, Yasiph.
I am very glad that I have been given the opportunity to serve in a key policy function in Care Society. It is actually an honor and a privilege. Care and children have been my passion and this is a golden opportunity. I have several children who live with disabilities, who are related to me by kinship or are in-laws. My role in Care Society will give me the opportunity to help in the design, planning and execution of systems and processes that would ensure they have a normal life, and are treated with dignity and respect by all.
During my younger days when I lacked the wisdom and the capcity to understand children as I do now, I had once hit a student when I was headmaster at Lhaviyani Atoll Eduction Centre and once when I was assistant principal at Majeediyya School. When I look back over the years, some of my decisions as deputy head of the atoll schools section in the Ministry of Education had been unfair by the children who were affected by it. I have met both the students from Lhaviyani AEC and Majeediyya afterwards as grown-ups and I have apologized to them and they have given me their pardon. Though forgiven, I believe I have a responsibility to make sure that children are free from such wrongs.
So, I look forward to serving in this opportunity bestowed upon me by the Grace of Almighty Allah, in a manner that would take the burden of wrongs (known and unknown to me) off my consciounce. Our life is so short; yet we can do so much for humanity.
I will appreciate the guidance and thoughts of all who have the time and the interest to support by giving their ideas. I have done little as a resource member of Care; and now have an expanded opportunity to do more.
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