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Of the heart
And the mind
Filled around me

The Hope
That determines
The beauty
Of the moment

The touch
Of a dream
In the warmth
Of the space beside

An illusion
A diversion
Making the time
All worth the while

Feel the warmth
Feel the beauty
Of emptiness
That shall last a soul

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Warmth of Hope

The beauty of a Smile
Laden with warmth
Of a kind heart
A beautiful mind

The warmth of the heart
Laden with goodwill
Of abundant generosity
A positive mental attitude

The gift of hope
Laden with tranquillity
Of a mind at peace
A word of kindness

A dream of serenity
Laden with generosity
Of an awesome past
A touch of sincerity

The future is beautiful
Awesome in essence
Built on trust and grace
That shall last into eternity

Let Smile
It’s awesome
In complete peace

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Fear of Happiness in Abundance

This feeling of happiness
That is so awesome
So abundant and plentiful
Yet so full of fear

For happiness is a sin
That has no cure
In the eyes of the seer
Who is unawares of the truth

The truth is hidden
Behind the scar of a Smile
That is detached from reality
And vanishing into eternity

Overwhelmed by the truth
Fearful of the deceipt
Afraid of the dark truth
Behind the warmth of the Smile

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Moment of Peace

Mind Matters
The Power to Forgive
Exercise in Abundance
With a simple Smile

The Power to Change
To live life to be Happy
Our Experience today
Can be different Tomorrow

A pat on the Back
A touch on the Shoulder
A look in the eyes with Warmth
Ease the Pain with a Smile

The effort and Goodwill
Is the ingredient of Success
Lies maybe necessary
But we don’t have to

Look in the eyes
Give a warm Smile
Nothing better to do
It can change the World

A word of Consolation
A world of Difference
In the midst of trouble
The art of a decent Life

Time to do a good Deed
Unlimited Possibilities
With open arms and
An ounce of warmth in the Heart

A great Day
A wonderful Evening
On the beach under the Moon
That is a fantastic experience

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