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The Alleged Marriage of an Eleven Year Old in Himandhoo

Jazeera Daily has reported:

The father of an eleven year old girl has been summoned to the Police Post of Himandhoo, to question about the alleged marriage of the girl. The father had refused to take the girl in for questioning as she is a minor, according to her mother.

The mother also told Jazeera that the allegation was false and baseless. And she has said that the child has been frightened by these allegations.

The island chief who confirmed the incident has said that people have alleged that the marriage has taken place. And that the father has denied the allegations.

According to the island chief, a fourteen year old has been married on the island about a month ago. And that the people concerned has agreed to the marriage, and that they had done it on their own. Police have declined comment, according to Jazeera Daily. The mother of the child have removed her from school saying that they did not like the way she was taught in school.

The question is:
Should the parents of a child be allowed to refuse the child, her right to an education, if they don’t agree with the school curriculum and how it is delivered?


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