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Warmth of Hope

The beauty of a Smile
Laden with warmth
Of a kind heart
A beautiful mind

The warmth of the heart
Laden with goodwill
Of abundant generosity
A positive mental attitude

The gift of hope
Laden with tranquillity
Of a mind at peace
A word of kindness

A dream of serenity
Laden with generosity
Of an awesome past
A touch of sincerity

The future is beautiful
Awesome in essence
Built on trust and grace
That shall last into eternity

Let Smile
It’s awesome
In complete peace

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The Looming Fear

It is scary
Very scary and frightening
A dark hole that is approaching
From all around; near and far

Right and left
It’s full of darkness
The kind that is suffocating
That make nothing possible

Sunshine is history
The storm is brewing
Beneath the skies
Making the world go bonkers

There is nowhere
It is everywhere
There is the smell of hate
The end of all things beautiful

Inside and beneath
The hall of fame
There is a dark cloud
That has taken over

The good of life
The beauty of love
The sweetness of caring
The reason to Smile

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Fear of Happiness in Abundance

This feeling of happiness
That is so awesome
So abundant and plentiful
Yet so full of fear

For happiness is a sin
That has no cure
In the eyes of the seer
Who is unawares of the truth

The truth is hidden
Behind the scar of a Smile
That is detached from reality
And vanishing into eternity

Overwhelmed by the truth
Fearful of the deceipt
Afraid of the dark truth
Behind the warmth of the Smile

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On My Way

A reason to Smile
A reason to Live
A reason to be
Is the purpose of life

It is therefore

Important to cry
Important to speak
Important to shout
If we could only listen

Sometimes there is no need
Sometimes it is necessary
Sometimes absolutely
And it all ends here

My life
My goal
My destination
Is in your hands

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Terribly Good Day

It has been a terribly good day today.

First thing in the morning, I did hurt the feelings of a young person. It was after uttering what I did in a moment of frustration that I realized what I had done was wrong. I should have been Smiling and supportive and not threatening and abusive. What had happened could not be undone, so I walked quietly and softly said sorry. And Smile, but the moment was too tense for a Smile back.

It was one of the most disturbing moments.

The rest of the morning was full of good things. There were the Smiles and the rest of the things that go with it. Engaging in positive human relationships that were supportive and encouraging. Conversations that were fruitful and educational. Challenging moments that tested and tried your patience. The adventure of life continued without disruption. In the midst of it all, I was told what to do and what not to do.

The moment to test the gravity of the bitterness I imagined I had caused, came early in the afternoon. I made the call. The conversation was beautiful and full of warmth. There was the space to do justice and right the wrong without a spoken word. That is the beauty of a positive human relationship that is wrapped with a lifelong Smile.

The rest of the day was equally beautiful and continued to be so. For the art of forgiveness is a talent akin to positive human relationships.

It was a terribly good day.

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Happiness of Loss

Happy I am
For the Loneliness
In the Darkness
Void of Happiness

It is a Crime
to find Madness
in the Craziness
of what is Lost

Learnt the Art
played the Part
with a mind Smart
of a wounded Heart

There will never be
a drama of Joy
of the Joyful Smiles
That could have Been

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Smile Challenge

The biggest challenge to a perfect Smile is just one person full of negative energy who can ruin your day.

It is very important for us to keep away from such people. They are full of negative energy and looking for someone to vent their frustration into. These people do not understand nor appreciate the harm they cause others around them.

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