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HRCM describes paedophile case as "appalling": by Omidi from Minivan News

The Human Rights Commission Maldives (HRCM) has condemned the alleged sexual abuse of more than 35 underaged boys by a paedophile, arrested on 13 February.

The commission described the abuse by Hussain Fazeel, 38, as “appalling” and has called for an immediate investigation of this case.

Fazeel was arrested after police found a large number of pictures and videos of him having sex with boys as young as ten, on his hard drive. Addressing press last week, Inspector Ismail Athif said it was highly likely the photos and videos had been used for commercial purposes.

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MNDF Officer in Child Abuse Case

Minivan News April 6, 2008:

A family have accused a lance corporal in the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) of repeatedly abusing their six-year-old child in the capital, Malé, after “grooming” her with gifts and chocolates.

The officer has been released from custody pending the case reaching court, and denies the allegations, claiming the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) will “not forward the case” as there is “no evidence”.

But the family, concerned justice will not be secured for their child, have complained to local media they have been denied access to their own witness statements and the medical report on the child.

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Sexual Abuse at Hithadhoo Regional Hospital

Haveeru reports that a 15 year old girl who went to Hithadhoo Regional Hospital in Addu has been allegedly sexually abused by a physiotherapist there. The person who is alleged to have committed this act is an Indian national working at the hospital. He had asked everyone to keep out of the physiotherapy room and was inside, alone with the girl, when she suddenly screamed and burst out of the room. Read more here in Dhivehi.

The Maldives Police Service says they are investigating the alleged incident. It can be monthy before any justice is possible for the girl, going by the recent past events of this nature.

CAWM feels that incidents of this nature occur, as proper abuse prevention mechanisms are not built into standard operating procedures of institutions who serve the public, especially children.


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The Alleged Marriage of an Eleven Year Old in Himandhoo

Jazeera Daily has reported:

The father of an eleven year old girl has been summoned to the Police Post of Himandhoo, to question about the alleged marriage of the girl. The father had refused to take the girl in for questioning as she is a minor, according to her mother.

The mother also told Jazeera that the allegation was false and baseless. And she has said that the child has been frightened by these allegations.

The island chief who confirmed the incident has said that people have alleged that the marriage has taken place. And that the father has denied the allegations.

According to the island chief, a fourteen year old has been married on the island about a month ago. And that the people concerned has agreed to the marriage, and that they had done it on their own. Police have declined comment, according to Jazeera Daily. The mother of the child have removed her from school saying that they did not like the way she was taught in school.

The question is:
Should the parents of a child be allowed to refuse the child, her right to an education, if they don’t agree with the school curriculum and how it is delivered?


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Coach faces sexual abuse charges!

Yakima Herald reports:

As Yakima Valley parents struggle with news that a popular youth coach faces charges of sexually assaulting one of his players, a mental health counselor said they should maintain communication with their children.

“We should always be involved with our kids in whatever they are doing — school, sports, visiting their little friends. I think it’s better to keep those lines of communication with your children, their friends, than not,” said Mary O’Brien, clinical service manager for the Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic’s behavioral services unit in Yakima.

[…] O’Brien said that besides talking to their children, parents should watch for changes in behavior patterns — not talking, eating or sleeping or being unusually sad, for example. Those signs indicate that the child may have been involved in some sort of trauma, including sexual assault.

[…] Counselors also say that victims or parents should not feel any shame associated with sexual assault. [ends]

We need to be aware of the importance of keeping our children fully informed of the incidence of sexual abuse that they can face and how they can communicate with parents when faced with such instances. This is real and should not be discarded as something that happens in foreign lands. Yet, there is no training for parents who need that, in our country.

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