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Step Father Step Daughter Sexual Abuse

Sun has reported that a 42 year old step father has been arrested for alleged sexual abuse of step daughter, on the island of Kudafaree in Noonu Atoll. The arrest happened on Thursday night – March 24, 2011.

Sun also reported that the mother of the nine year old is a blind woman. The Sun also reported that the step father was found and caught red handed by a group of people from the island who had followed on him. The couple and the family have been living in the girl’s grandfathers house earlier, and had just moved to a new house they had build, two days ago.

Islanders have told Sun that the step father has been sexually abusing the girl, even before they moved to the new house. But he was caught in the act only after moving to the new house.

The man was handed over to the Police, by the group of people who had caught him. According to an islander, he was beaten up by the islanders before being handed over to the Police.

A step father was arrested in Dharavandhoo of Baa Atoll about a month ago for having continuously sexually abused his step daughter. The Police did not reveal any further information except that he was a 38 year old, at the time, citing that the investigation was ongoing.

There is also information from reliable and informed sources to CAWM that a high profile public official is under investigation for allegedly having sexually molested or abused his step daughter. Further details of the case are still not available.

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