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Plight of Teachers and Schools in the Maldives

The other day a principal of a school called me up on the phone. The person was looking for me to facilitate a donation to buy computer systems for the school lab. The conversation dragged for ages, and it was about things that did not concern the donation in anyway.

Teachers have become a burden to the government budget due to its sheer numbers. Teachers take home a salary slip that has a sum total of less than that of labor category staff at a so called indepedent institution of the government – such as the human rights commission; or other organs of the state such as the judiciary and the parliament.

I was reminded of a teacher who I bumped into on the street the other day – in fact, it was the teachers’ day. He had just come out of the teachers party, and I was waiting for my daughter to come out of the same premises where she had been to a friend’s birthday party. This particular teacher had done his teacher training, done his degree and his post graduate diploma and has served the nation for over 18 years, and on this day of celebration was complaining of having to take home much less than a fresh graduate would doing an administrative job in one of those divine commissions or one of the more sacred state bodies.

I tried to explain to him like a good samaritan, how the payroll of teachers was already a burden on the government, and how even a minor adjustement in teacher salaries could nose dive the country into a dark hole of debt for our children and their children. However, his complaints continued, how teachers were paid so low and were denied of even their legal right to overtime.

The teachers assosciation which was formed to represent teachers and advocate for the rights of teahcers is the leading member of the coalition that came into power after the February 7th resignation of President Nasheed. Their leadership is busy with the ongoing political crisis and the upcoming elections which will have to be won – for the sake of teachers, they will argue.

(to be continued)

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Male’ – the capital of Maldives, one of the most scariest dwellings on Earth

Yesterday evening my wife, daughter and her aunt and I were standing in the opposite corner of TV Maldives main gate waiting to flag down a taxi after a visit to the clinic – Imperial Medical Center, nearby.

As we were there hoping to flag down one of the taxi passing by, after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally saw one that was coming our way without a passenger in it. As I raised my hand to flag down the taxi, a motorbike came and stopped right in front of me. At that moment, a young man in his twenties came staggering just next to us. He was accompanied by two other friends of his.

There was a hurried exchange between the two friends of the young man and the person on the motorbike, and the young man climbed on the back of the motorbike. It was at that moment he stared at me and my daughter, less than two meters away, pointed his fingers at us and asked what we were staring at. He then said that he would cut us up for staring at  him.

At that moment his two friends said something and the guy driving the motorbike hurried and backed to the street and went with the young man. He was heavily drunk. His two friends stayed.

I looked backed to look at my wife who was just behind us, who had touched my shoulder and was asking me to go to the other side of the road to take a taxi. It was then that I saw what had saved us from a life and death moment. There were about eight policeman in dark blue who had stopped in a vehicle and were unloading some road barriers from it. They did not notice or did not take note of the events unfolding in front of them.

It was a very scary moment. Any thought that the young people who rule the streets feel threatening to them can end up in very dire consequences to the victim. Those who break the law have full rights accorded to them under the Constitution and legal protection. They have the best of lawyers to protect them, and the system is geared to give them maximum freedom to practice their desires of life in anyway they wish.

The streets are safe to a certain extent in the day. But on most occasions in the evening just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for a wrong reason to one of the young men who rule the streets of Male’ can be a moment of life and death. Three consecutive governments since the August Constitution in 2008, has failed to combat the horror in the streets of Male’, because it is in their favor to maintain the fear thereof. It will continue to be so.


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Hell for Children to be the Heaven for the Royal Couple for Honeymoon

Browzing through I read this article about the formal invitation extended to the new Royal Couple to be – Prince William and his future wife Kate Middleton.

I just wondered, whether the Royal couple will have knowledge that if they accept this invitation, they will be spending their honeymoon with a backdrop of thousands of helpless infants and young children and “adult” children (as Maldivian culture deems it), who have not even an ounce of justice in their lifetime. That there is no hope for these children; who have been physically, psychologically, sexually abused and neglected by the majority – including the State.

The Royal Couple will be supporting and promoting a country with the likes of Zimbabwe, in terms of the atrocities that go unchecked on the streets of the capital and the rest of the islands. The State gets away with a simple set of excuses which include (i) no qualified personnel (ii) no money (iii) no Laws (iv) and the Powers are now autonomous.

We wish the Royal Couple will put the Lost Children of Maldives in a slot in their agenda so that at least one of the excuses given to make this country Hell for it’s Children is addressed by Royal Couple. Well aware that the Paradise Haven for the princesses is in fact garnished with a backrop of Hell for Children.

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Government to provide financial assistance to pay for Government Employees' Pension

I have been away from blogging for a long time after my last post on Bank of Maldives. I think it is time I started punching the keyboard again.

I was quite disturbed by our President’s announcement that he will pay the employees’ share of the Government Employee’s contribution to the Pension Fund. This is sad because, we, who work in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women are the real engines of this country’s development and the economy.

The fact that the President rises up to the occassion to lift the burden of their personal Pension Fund contribution for government employees, does show that the President is ill-informed of the contribution that those working in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women contribute to his government to pay for its expenses; and also pay for the civil service who serve his government.

It is also sad, that just like the previous government did not realize the place the workers of this country hold in keeping the country going, this government too seems to be the same. I wish that the President will have wise political and legal counsel to do the right thing, instead of subsiding a pension package for those who are relatively better.


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Maldives Live Media goes into Hybernation…

The local media in Maldives seem to have gone into hybernation for live event coverage since November 11, 2008. Events are reported when the standard edition is published. The reporters and anchors seem to have become retired from the job of live event coverage.

The frenzy for live coverage and frantic reporting of events have become a thing of the past like many other things such as the aspirations and inspirations of the media for democracy and good governance.

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