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Freedom of Movement and Democracy

Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shafeeu obstructed by a group of islanders from getting on to Kolamaafushi. | via Sun Online

The local media reported today that a group of islanders have obstructed the Minister of Fisheries from getting on to Kolamaafushi, an island in Gaafu Alifu Atoll. The minister is reported to have gone to the island along with the Cabinet Secretary of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s government. The cabinet secretary Dr. Abdulla Nazeer is from the island.

The minister is said to have been later allowed onto the island after the Dr. Nazeer negotiated with the group of islanders. However, other members of the minister’s entourage were not allowed onto the island.

Maldivians have a new constitution, which they believe have given them unprecedented freedoms and liberty to do whatever they wish without bounds. Political parties deem it fit to take the new found liberty to their own hands as they see fit. In essence, there are no courts or law enforcement agencies who can check the free will of the people who chose to observe their own version of vigilante justice.

Maldivians are tribal by natural selection and design. That had been the tradition of the forefathers who had lived on these islands. The true history has however been successfully buried along with the rest, by social engineers who thought they would bury it forever. The liberties of a constitutional monarchy, a monarchy style presidential form of government, and later a liberal democracy have manifested the true character and tribal nature of the giant within.

Values that give distinction to civilized cultures are alien to Maldivians in general. Such things as dialogue, civilized conversation and argument are second place to the more respected art of arrogance and unreasonableness. Reasoning and logic are non-existent.

It is against this backdrop that the treatment of those like Fisheries Minister Shafeeu, and of President Nasheed and President Waheed, by the “democracy loving” and “annihilate-the-rest believing” hooligans who brave the islands can be understood.

Maldives has been known to those who have not lived here as a paradise on Earth. It is however, the most scariest dwelling on earth for those who are compelled to make a living on its capital Male’ which hold a third of the population of the country. It is a concrete jungle which is more like a constructions site, with the roads a resembling a huge vehicle deport. Young people who have no value of human life roam the streets. They will blame that on the higher ups who dwell on lawlessness as a means to prosperity.

The challenge of overcoming tribalism in the Maldives is going to take decades. Overcoming tribalism and removing the public from the slavery of the monarchical clans is going to take ages.


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Male’ – the capital of Maldives, one of the most scariest dwellings on Earth

Yesterday evening my wife, daughter and her aunt and I were standing in the opposite corner of TV Maldives main gate waiting to flag down a taxi after a visit to the clinic – Imperial Medical Center, nearby.

As we were there hoping to flag down one of the taxi passing by, after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally saw one that was coming our way without a passenger in it. As I raised my hand to flag down the taxi, a motorbike came and stopped right in front of me. At that moment, a young man in his twenties came staggering just next to us. He was accompanied by two other friends of his.

There was a hurried exchange between the two friends of the young man and the person on the motorbike, and the young man climbed on the back of the motorbike. It was at that moment he stared at me and my daughter, less than two meters away, pointed his fingers at us and asked what we were staring at. He then said that he would cut us up for staring at  him.

At that moment his two friends said something and the guy driving the motorbike hurried and backed to the street and went with the young man. He was heavily drunk. His two friends stayed.

I looked backed to look at my wife who was just behind us, who had touched my shoulder and was asking me to go to the other side of the road to take a taxi. It was then that I saw what had saved us from a life and death moment. There were about eight policeman in dark blue who had stopped in a vehicle and were unloading some road barriers from it. They did not notice or did not take note of the events unfolding in front of them.

It was a very scary moment. Any thought that the young people who rule the streets feel threatening to them can end up in very dire consequences to the victim. Those who break the law have full rights accorded to them under the Constitution and legal protection. They have the best of lawyers to protect them, and the system is geared to give them maximum freedom to practice their desires of life in anyway they wish.

The streets are safe to a certain extent in the day. But on most occasions in the evening just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for a wrong reason to one of the young men who rule the streets of Male’ can be a moment of life and death. Three consecutive governments since the August Constitution in 2008, has failed to combat the horror in the streets of Male’, because it is in their favor to maintain the fear thereof. It will continue to be so.


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Special Education Teacher under investigation for the sexual abuse of disabled children he tutored

A teacher who gave private tuition to children with hearing disability has been arrested by the police and is under investigation after being accused of sexual abuse of children he tutored. He was taken into custody for investigation on Monday, reports the local media.

The teacher under investigation is Mr. Amresh Gopalan Krishnan, according to Sun. He is also reported to have been a leading official of the NGO – Maldives Deaf Association. He is employed at Jamaaluddin School as teacher for the hearing impaired.

Sun reports that Police have revealed that Mr Krishnan was  arrested for investigation after a report of sexual abuse was lodged with teh Police on April 11, 2011.

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MP under investigation for alleged child sexual abuse

Haveeru has reported that the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has revealed, a Member of Parliament of the Maldives is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse of a minor. According to the official of HRCM, the case is being investigated by the Police.

The HRCM official who disclosed the information on condition of anonymity has not revealed the name of the MP, while the Police are keeping their mouth shut on the matter. Haveeru has revealed that the case has been taken up with the authorities very seriously and report that the psycho-legal statement of the child also has been taken.

CAWM understands that the said victim may not be a minor and is working in an office in Male’. Unconfirmed yet reliable sources have said that she may have been a step daughter of the accused MP. We would like to draw caution from readers to the fact that almost all reported cases of sexual child abuse are not proven and therefore such a high profile case is extremely likely to be shelved, if political heavyweights come into play.

Our only ray of hope is the expressed position of President Mohamed Nasheed who has vowed on more than one occasion to do whatever it takes to confront perpetrators of sexual child abuse.

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