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Maldives: girls becoming more of objects in the eyes of men

This morning I went from office to Hulhule ferry jetty in Male’ to take two of my nieces to the airport. They were to come from Villimale’ and take a taxi to the airport ferry jetty in front of the Post Building. They were to take the ferry leaving Villimale’ at twenty minutes to nine. They would arrive in Male’ terminal ten minutes to nine and take a taxi to the airport ferry jetty.

I checked with them a little after 8.40 and I was told that they were on the ferry. Later, when they did not arrive at the airport ferry jetty even at ten past nine, I called them and they told me they were by the Republic Square. It took a while even after that for them to arrive at the airport ferry jetty.

After they got down from the taxi and the taxi had left, the younger of the two told me that the driver of the taxi had asked them who they were and what they were doing in Male’, where they were from and so on. He also told them that if they were to come to Male’, to give a call and that he would take them. He also gave them his mobile number. The elder of them told me that the driver had taken them on a long route, and she had finally told that her uncle is waiting at the airport ferry for them.

Girls and young women are increasing becoming objects of abuse in the country. There is an unimaginable sense of vulnerability of the girl child and young women in the country. There is a complete lack of institutional mechanisms to protect children from such abuse and prevent violence against them. The prevailing attitude toward girls and women is that they are objects for use and abuse. The State makes bold statements, yet fails to take proactive and affirmative action for the protection of children and the prevention of violence and sexual abuse against girls.

The situation is so bad that daughters are becoming more and more prey to their own step-fathers and fathers. Mothers have been party to the abuse in several instances that have been reported.

I was told today that a young woman who is married to a man fifteen years her senior almost suffocated her to death a few days ago. She is afraid to go to the authorities and will not report the incident or file for divorce beause she doesn’t want her baby to grown up in a broken family.

WTF is the use of a 4,000.00 USD per capita GDP and the good of boasting of a fiver star destination, when the damn nation cannot take care of its future.

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My Voice Counts

What a beautiful slogan it is! And indeed a meaningful and worthwhile one too.

The Human Rights Day message of the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN reads, “Everybody has the right to have their voice heard and to have a role in making the decisions that shape their communities. Each one of us should be able to choose those people who will represent us in all governance institutions, to stand for public office, and to vote on the fundamental questions that shape our individual and collective destines.” Read the full message here

The message is preceded by the qoute, ”

“Where we come from does not determine who we can become. … No matter who we are, no matter whether we are man or woman, or rich or poor: My voice, my right. My voice counts.”

The Maldives Human Rights Commission issued a seven line message which included a four line salutation to announce that it was also the 9th anniversary of the commission and to send greetings of the day to those residing in the republic.

Human Rights Day 2012











The commission also held a grand ceremony to mark the occasion at Traders Hotel, the top hotel in the country with the voice of the Vice President that counts in a nation where the average man seems to have lost his voice or say. In a separate function held at the Foreign Ministry, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs defended the position of her government on the human rights front and challenged accusations of negligence by stating that the Maldives holds the Vice Chair of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and that no country has expressed concern over the country’s human rights record.

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Violation of Article 30

Article 30 of the Maldives Constitution (Freedom to form political parties, associations and societies) states,

(a) Every citizen has the right to establish and to particpate in the activities of political parties.

(b) Eveyone has the freedom to form associations and societies including the following:

1. the right to establish and participate in any association or society for economic, social, educational or cultural purposes;

2. the right to form trade unions, to participate or not to participate in their activities. END QOUTE

However, in the current debate on the Political Parties Bill in the Maldives parliament, major political parties seem to have assumed a double standard for section (a) and section (b) of the article.

In the extensions of law to article 30 section (b) the parliament did not interpret that it was necessary or within the greater interest of the nation to limit the possible number of trader unions, associations or societies in respect to the population of the country or other factors of national interest. However in the interpretation of the phrase “right to establish and to participate”, in relation to section (a) of the same – article 30, the parliament seems to be taking a stand to limit the right to freedom of thought and association in political parties, to those powerful enough to create cult followings, from my understanding of what has been reported in the media today.

The day this bill is enacted into law which limits the right to association in political parties to blocks of 5000 or whatever-thousand of poplulation, in gross violation of the Constitution will be a dark day in the history of the struggle for democracy and good governance in the Maldives. Icons of political reform in the country would perhaps keep quiet on this violation, as it is in their favor.

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Challenges for today’s children

Today we live our lives with new found freedoms. It is what we achieved through vast sacrifices by individuals and groups later backed by well meaning sympathisers of human rights and democracy.

We have transformed from a society in the shackles of a mass collective mindset controlled by a dictator to one of beauty in the harmony of diversity which promote nirvana.

We wanted a decent life, free from oppression, absent of fear, and trickled with abundance and prosperity. That was our wish. We delegated our responsibility for this daunting task, to people who struggled for us and stoop up to oppression.

They embraced the new found responsibility a source of great opportunity and means to better themselves, their kins and their masters and soldiers. The people became an instrument of power and not the source of power. Power became a right of the servants of the ruled.

Confused? Yes, that is exactly what seems to have happened to the people. The people they entrusted their well being with seem to be good at two things – cutting deals to protect their interests; and fabricating lies that are sensational, to maximise their benefits.

Amidst all the drama and the confusion, children are watching it all. Sometimes the fanatics also actively engage children to maximise numbers and to indoctrinate children to be future active devotees of the cults.

Children grow up surrounded by role models whose success formula us arrogance, unreasonableness and complete disrespect for anyone except thyself. They see that the beauty of freedom and liberty is to have no bounds. Nirvana to them is complete pleasure and it has no values. The society they exist in have no social fabric.

AND. And, and… the bastards who claim they know everything, when it comes to children, they expect the children to be exactly like the saints of yesteryears – pure and respectful and dignified [whatever that means!] and peace loving.

Strong words, Yes! Wrong attitude, Yes! – that is what we need to equip children with, if they are to survive in this country as adults tomorrow.

Get Lost! [heybayyaa rakkaavey! – “thank you” in the new dictionary to initiated by Maldives parliament]

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Time for regional political parties!!!

MP Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed speaking during a Parliament session: Shiyam is set to establish a new political party. PHOTO/ PARLIAMENT SECRETARIAT | via Haveeru Online

Haveeru Online has reported that resort owner, businessman and MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed will form a new political party, and that the work on the formation of the party will commence within a week.

This will add to the already existing 15 parties that are registered in the country. The political party bill is yet to be made into law by the parliament.

Political parties are paid to the tune of 2% of the national budget. They enjoy unprecedented freedom from prosecution and other liberties unheard of for ordinary people, due to their positions of influence in the shaky democracy which is characterized by institutional and legislative gaps and failures that give abundant space for politicians to manipulate the government and state institutions to their benefit.

It is really high time that the people of the islands started seriously thinking about the concentration of political power in the capital Male’ and in the hands of few families and individuals.

Formation of regional political parties based in Kulhudhuffushi, Naifaru, Gan in Laamu Atoll, Thinadhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Fuvah Mulah and Addu City may very well play to ease the high political tensions which are concentrated in the capital Male’. The current political landscaping also helps individuals sitting in Male’ to control the remote communities from the capital Male’ more than the people in the island communities themselves.

A clear example of this is how the parliament has legalized the mechanism through control of elected councilors in the atoll and island councils. The councilors do not have any choice but to bow down to the higher ups in Male’ if they want to retain their seats. Because sacking from the party will mean losing the council seat as stipulated by law.

It is time for the island communities to overcome and free themselves from the shackles of the forces united to keep them under control.

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