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Unknown Truth

I wait and await
The beauty of the moment
Knowing and expecting
The ultimate truth

There is no going back
The last but not the least
It is the truth of the moment
That we await in anticipation

It will be full of joy
And happiness of a new kind
Where there will be no sorrow
When dawn breaks to a new day

The wait is worth the hurt
It shall shine over and beyond
But the desperation is dear
For the truth is unknown

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Drama of hope

I wish I could
I wish I were
I wish I had
I wish I never

Wishes for a future
That would be bright
Full of happiness and joy
Void of fear and rejection

The pain beneath
The hurt of heart
With a crippling numbness
Designed to stabilize

The mind is the magic
The wind the potion
That carries the burden
To the heavens beyond

I wish I were
I wish I had
I wish I could
I wish I never

The design is beautiful
The art is crumpled
Reality is a drama
Of an ounce of hope

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When Nothing Else Matters

Early in the morning
Woken up by a cockroach
Face baked from the tap water
Brought down to knees
A pain in a distant corner
Of the boiling tummy

Nothing else matters
A decent life is all that matters

There can be no happiness
Without decency and dignity
There can be no joy
With a heavy heart

Nothing else matters
The warmth is all that matters

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Never To Be

I have a Story
A story to Tell
of Nothingness
a past Bygone

The Painting on the Wall
of a Mind of Madness
Desperate and Eager
to Conquer the Fear

The Fear of Losing
What did not Exist
What could have been
the Joy of Life

The Sorrow of Darkness
in the depth of Happiness
That was never to be
a Mother’s Wish never to be

the Wall of Darkness
that would keep apart
the Happiness and Joy
That was Never to be

The untold Story
the unspoken Word
of the Sorrow that was
and the joy Never to be

Never ever will there be
the Goodness the Happiness
Forever drowned Beneath the Grace
Never to be

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Happiness of Loss

Happy I am
For the Loneliness
In the Darkness
Void of Happiness

It is a Crime
to find Madness
in the Craziness
of what is Lost

Learnt the Art
played the Part
with a mind Smart
of a wounded Heart

There will never be
a drama of Joy
of the Joyful Smiles
That could have Been

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