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The Most Shameful Independence Day!

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Independence of the Maldives, since 26th July 1965. This independence day is special because a cabinet decision to scrap the Indepdence Day Grand Ceremony on the 26th was overturned by the Home Minister on the wise counsel of school children. The children echoed their grievences on national tv.

The cabinet decision that was overturned less than 24 hours after its announcement showed that we do not have a THINKing cabinet, despite the recent THINKnation initiative by the Information and Legal Reform Minister. When this fantastic idea [to cancel the 26th night celebrations] was suggested to them by the President or whoever did it, they could not disagree with anything in front of the President. So, they did not take a minute to hesitate, but praised the wise counsel.

We thought we had a capable cabinet. I am sure now we all know the caliber and the capacity fo the cabinet we have now. Shame!


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