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HRCM describes paedophile case as "appalling": by Omidi from Minivan News

The Human Rights Commission Maldives (HRCM) has condemned the alleged sexual abuse of more than 35 underaged boys by a paedophile, arrested on 13 February.

The commission described the abuse by Hussain Fazeel, 38, as “appalling” and has called for an immediate investigation of this case.

Fazeel was arrested after police found a large number of pictures and videos of him having sex with boys as young as ten, on his hard drive. Addressing press last week, Inspector Ismail Athif said it was highly likely the photos and videos had been used for commercial purposes.

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Unpunished Paedophiles Roam Free: by Shazra from Minivan News

A paedophile who had abused 35 children was arrested in January this year – when the news became public last week it sent shockwaves through the Maldives.

In a country where one in every six women has been abused before the age of 15, it is rare to find a person who has escaped this social scourge. And yet, we still express surprise when we hear about child abuse.

In the latest and unprecedented case of Hussain Fazeel, 38, police discovered his hard drive contained numerous pictures and videos of him having sex with different under-aged boys. The images were of such high quality that police speculated they could have been used for commercial purposes.

Headlines such as “38-year-old man has homosexual relations with boys” were splashed across local media. But such ambiguous headlines have undermined the stark reality of the abuse that took place by implying the relationship could have been consensual.

And what does use of the word “homosexual” in the title say about our priorities? That this aspect was far more troubling than child abuse?

The case has further highlighted society’s tendency to protect girls while boys are free to roam around; a chilling reminder that paedophiles always prey on easy targets: Fazeel’s victims were street kids who were free to run around as they pleased.

With this case in mind, Aishath Shazra takes a look at previous child abuse cases and the gaping holes in the legislation which have let perpetrators slip through the system.

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Paedophile Arrested in Male’

A man who had long term homosexual relations with 35 underage persons has been arrested.

Addressing the media at Thursday’s press conference, Inspector Ismail Athif of the serious and organized crime unit, said Hussein Fazeel, 38, of Veyruge of K.Viliingili , was arrested on the 11th of January this year, in a special operation conducted after the police had received information of an illegal business in operation, which involved the smuggling and sale of alcohol.

An external hard-disk containing pornographic images and video depicting a number of young boys performing various homosexual acts was found in Fazeel’s permanent residence, M. Faridhuveligé, Inspector Athif said.

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