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My Voice Counts

What a beautiful slogan it is! And indeed a meaningful and worthwhile one too.

The Human Rights Day message of the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN reads, “Everybody has the right to have their voice heard and to have a role in making the decisions that shape their communities. Each one of us should be able to choose those people who will represent us in all governance institutions, to stand for public office, and to vote on the fundamental questions that shape our individual and collective destines.” Read the full message here

The message is preceded by the qoute, ”

“Where we come from does not determine who we can become. … No matter who we are, no matter whether we are man or woman, or rich or poor: My voice, my right. My voice counts.”

The Maldives Human Rights Commission issued a seven line message which included a four line salutation to announce that it was also the 9th anniversary of the commission and to send greetings of the day to those residing in the republic.

Human Rights Day 2012











The commission also held a grand ceremony to mark the occasion at Traders Hotel, the top hotel in the country with the voice of the Vice President that counts in a nation where the average man seems to have lost his voice or say. In a separate function held at the Foreign Ministry, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs defended the position of her government on the human rights front and challenged accusations of negligence by stating that the Maldives holds the Vice Chair of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, and that no country has expressed concern over the country’s human rights record.

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