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Another effing day

Some days
Are meant to be
Painful, yet pleasant
For you did your best

In the end
The buck stopped
Right on your big toe
The one that hurt most

Expectations unlimited
In scope and in sizes large
No body really fucking cares

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Give yourself a human energy boost

This Morning:

Think of someone who has been nice to you, especially someone who has been nice to you for no reason in particular. It can be someone in your family or circle of friends or acquaintances.

Make room from your schedule today to visit this person, and to be with them for a moment. You may want to say a few words of appreciation, or just be with them for a while and talk about something that would give them comfort.

If you cannot find the time to do that, give them a call or leave them a message. You may want to find out how they are doing, or what they are up to; or just tell them about what you have been up to.

You may not even be able to find space today to do either of the above. In that case, why not put in a good word about them in your conversation with someone you have the time to be with today. You may want to speak about the good in the person that came to your mind. Positive thoughts also create positive energy and that can give a boost to your own self esteem and sense of well-being too.

It is the enhancement of the positive human energy within us that will help us to become a better person. There is no cost to it, only just the capacity to energize ourselves with the good of humanity. It is a qulity that is fulfiling and provides us the emotional space for peace of mind and a sense of well-being.

I am sure that we will all benefit, and will contribute to the greater good of humanity by giving a positive energy boost to our immediate environement, which has a multiply effect.

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