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Another effing day

Some days
Are meant to be
Painful, yet pleasant
For you did your best

In the end
The buck stopped
Right on your big toe
The one that hurt most

Expectations unlimited
In scope and in sizes large
No body really fucking cares

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The Looming Fear

It is scary
Very scary and frightening
A dark hole that is approaching
From all around; near and far

Right and left
It’s full of darkness
The kind that is suffocating
That make nothing possible

Sunshine is history
The storm is brewing
Beneath the skies
Making the world go bonkers

There is nowhere
It is everywhere
There is the smell of hate
The end of all things beautiful

Inside and beneath
The hall of fame
There is a dark cloud
That has taken over

The good of life
The beauty of love
The sweetness of caring
The reason to Smile

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Woken Up

I had taken a flight to visit my son, who was living in a foreign land. On arrival I rushed to where he was living. I had lived there before, and I had the keys to the apartment that I would live in from now.

The grass was lush green. There were people all around. I knew none of them. I walked across the lawn to the apartment. There was no way to get in. I could not find the entrance. There was no way in. So I walked around and around, not finding a way in. Then decided that it was the wrong way. So I walked back across the lawn and ran to the apartments that were now bustling with people.

It was night. The place was like a city of lights. Colors of Benetton lighting up the night sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful. But I had no time to wait. I walked briskly across and took the stairs.

As I walked and took the first step, I was angrily pushed back. I looked up to see that I was crossing a big man who was just starting his prayer. I apologized and looked into his eyes. He was a friend of my son. He recognized me and said, “Uncle! You shouldn’t have done that.” I said that I did not realize what I was doing as I had this habit of looking down as I walked. He acknowledge my apology and I walked past several friends of my son.

I walked up the last staircase, ended up in an attic. There was a worker there and I asked him the way around. He told me to cross over to the attic on the side. I did. But there was no way out. I was imprisoned in a dark hole. I struggled to find light. To breathe. It seemed that this was the end.

But it was not. I found the way back to the first attic. I clambered down the stairs with frenzy. As I came out of the building, I started asking the way around. Suddenly I came across a familiar face. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. We shook hands. I tried to remember his name, but couldn’t. So he helped me “Ali”.

Ali gave me a bunch of keys and gave me directions to my bungalow. He also asked one of his assistants to show me the way. He was slow. I had no time to waste. It was already getting too late. Time was running out. So I left him behind and ran as fast as I could.

I came to where I had started. I could see my bungalow as I started to dash across the lawn. It was dilapidated. The front door was giving out a rattle as I rushed to it. That’s when I saw the dog which flashed from behind the rattling door and jumped at me. It caught my hands and bit me hard. I fell down on the grass.

When I came around, I saw the dog lying beside. I had a cut on my wrist. The dog bit me and had tweeted about it saying that it bit me and blogged about it. I woke up and found myself lying neatly on the sofa. There were no bruises but it was dark as I had turned the lights out.

I heard my savior say, “… please try to sleep” 🙂

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