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Government to provide financial assistance to pay for Government Employees' Pension

I have been away from blogging for a long time after my last post on Bank of Maldives. I think it is time I started punching the keyboard again.

I was quite disturbed by our President’s announcement that he will pay the employees’ share of the Government Employee’s contribution to the Pension Fund. This is sad because, we, who work in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women are the real engines of this country’s development and the economy.

The fact that the President rises up to the occassion to lift the burden of their personal Pension Fund contribution for government employees, does show that the President is ill-informed of the contribution that those working in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women contribute to his government to pay for its expenses; and also pay for the civil service who serve his government.

It is also sad, that just like the previous government did not realize the place the workers of this country hold in keeping the country going, this government too seems to be the same. I wish that the President will have wise political and legal counsel to do the right thing, instead of subsiding a pension package for those who are relatively better.


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