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Government to provide financial assistance to pay for Government Employees' Pension

I have been away from blogging for a long time after my last post on Bank of Maldives. I think it is time I started punching the keyboard again.

I was quite disturbed by our President’s announcement that he will pay the employees’ share of the Government Employee’s contribution to the Pension Fund. This is sad because, we, who work in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women are the real engines of this country’s development and the economy.

The fact that the President rises up to the occassion to lift the burden of their personal Pension Fund contribution for government employees, does show that the President is ill-informed of the contribution that those working in the commercial sector and the self-employed men and women contribute to his government to pay for its expenses; and also pay for the civil service who serve his government.

It is also sad, that just like the previous government did not realize the place the workers of this country hold in keeping the country going, this government too seems to be the same. I wish that the President will have wise political and legal counsel to do the right thing, instead of subsiding a pension package for those who are relatively better.


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The Controversial Presidential Commission

The Controversial Presidential Commission is the QA show on TVM tonight. The panel of today’s show include Commission spokesperson Haseen and DRP MP Alhan Fahmy.

Speaking of the Commission, the outgoing US Ambassador to Maldives publicly sanctioned the government on the activities of the Commission and asked that corruption be investigated through independent institutions of the state. Later, the Deputy High Commissioner of the UK, who was here to launch the UKinMaldives endorsed the Commission and called for it to look into all corruption issues. (It would be indeed a task to see the big picture behind the UKinMaldives initiative.) Interesting ha!

Speaking on tonight’s show, Commission Spokesperson said that the Commission would base its investigations on the reports of the indepenent commissions such as the Anti Corruption Commission and the Auditor General. The integrity of both the commissions are in question if the reports of fraud by the Auditor General and complicity in covering up fraud by the Chairman of the Anti Corruption Board. (Some of my friends tell me that nothing in Haveeru Daily Paper are to be believed, as it is a propaganda machine of the former Dictator Maumoon.)

The Commission headed and co-chaired by Hussain Rasheed the Leader of the religous Adaalath Party who was instrumental in claiming that the former Dictator Maumoon is a kaafir (non-believer), is claimed to be an indepdent commission by its proponents. The majority party in Parliament – DRP claim that the Commission is an instrument to target individuals within their party ranks.

A very interesting question that comes to my mind is, how the Commission will justify its investigations only to certain individuals who has been reported in AG Reports which were publicized in a questionable manner. The integrity of the Anti Corruption Commission is also now in question by his collusion to cover up alleged fraud by the Auditor General.

What about major players of the Gayoom Regime who are in the current one who are alleged to have been masterminds of Corruption in Maldives?


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Election Promises and Housing Policies

The day before August 12, MDP presidential candidate Anni announced his housing policy, addressing an audience gathered at the site of the temporary shelters for tsunami victims, in Gaaf Alif Villingili. On the 12th, he briefed the media on his housing policy which seeks to provide adequate permanent housing to to over 5000 persons displayed by the 2004 tsunami who still live in temporary shelters.

The day after, on August 13, Hulhumaale Development Corporation announced that it would open applications for 488 flats to be completed in February next year. The government has announced that it would roll out 1500 flats in the next three years. This would cater to over 12,000 families who live in either slum conditions or “unaffordable” rent in Male’.

Dr. Hassan Saeed’s housing policy states that (social) security depends on (affordable) housing. He has said that his housing policy would seek to establish a mechanism that would provide affordable housing to all Maldivians and facilitate a housing finance scheme for new home owners. He has proposed to build 5000 – 8000 flats in selected islands, and that the schemes would not seek to make a profit and that having children or being married would not be made an eligibility criteria for housing.

The government has no clear housing policy that is adequate to cater for the needs of the people, and the DRP presidential campaign has not announced a housing policy that they would implement should the people elect their candidate to lead the next government.

Anni in his press conference to brief the media on his housing policy, said that; a government of his would seek to provide affordable decent housing to all Maldivians and also to provide construction materials for social housing at an affordable rate, and provide soft loans through housing finance. Anni also said that he would develop a land use plan in consultation with the people.

The majority of the Maldivian people – tsunami victims and the rest alike; continue to live in slum conditions and will continue to do so until there is sincerity in delivery of the noble policies that are being promised and would be promised by presidential hopefuls. Such sincerity in action is hard to come by, as it would badly affect the house-owners (nearly 20% of Male’ population) who live a luxurious life on income from rented properties.

Jumhooree Party who has announced that it would compete in the upcoming presidential elections is yet to announce its candidate in the race or its housing policy.


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