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Woken Up

I had taken a flight to visit my son, who was living in a foreign land. On arrival I rushed to where he was living. I had lived there before, and I had the keys to the apartment that I would live in from now.

The grass was lush green. There were people all around. I knew none of them. I walked across the lawn to the apartment. There was no way to get in. I could not find the entrance. There was no way in. So I walked around and around, not finding a way in. Then decided that it was the wrong way. So I walked back across the lawn and ran to the apartments that were now bustling with people.

It was night. The place was like a city of lights. Colors of Benetton lighting up the night sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful. But I had no time to wait. I walked briskly across and took the stairs.

As I walked and took the first step, I was angrily pushed back. I looked up to see that I was crossing a big man who was just starting his prayer. I apologized and looked into his eyes. He was a friend of my son. He recognized me and said, “Uncle! You shouldn’t have done that.” I said that I did not realize what I was doing as I had this habit of looking down as I walked. He acknowledge my apology and I walked past several friends of my son.

I walked up the last staircase, ended up in an attic. There was a worker there and I asked him the way around. He told me to cross over to the attic on the side. I did. But there was no way out. I was imprisoned in a dark hole. I struggled to find light. To breathe. It seemed that this was the end.

But it was not. I found the way back to the first attic. I clambered down the stairs with frenzy. As I came out of the building, I started asking the way around. Suddenly I came across a familiar face. I smiled at him and he smiled at me. We shook hands. I tried to remember his name, but couldn’t. So he helped me “Ali”.

Ali gave me a bunch of keys and gave me directions to my bungalow. He also asked one of his assistants to show me the way. He was slow. I had no time to waste. It was already getting too late. Time was running out. So I left him behind and ran as fast as I could.

I came to where I had started. I could see my bungalow as I started to dash across the lawn. It was dilapidated. The front door was giving out a rattle as I rushed to it. That’s when I saw the dog which flashed from behind the rattling door and jumped at me. It caught my hands and bit me hard. I fell down on the grass.

When I came around, I saw the dog lying beside. I had a cut on my wrist. The dog bit me and had tweeted about it saying that it bit me and blogged about it. I woke up and found myself lying neatly on the sofa. There were no bruises but it was dark as I had turned the lights out.

I heard my savior say, “… please try to sleep” 🙂

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New CEO at Male’ Health Services Corporation

Haveeru has revealed that the Managing Director Male’ Health Services Corporation (MHSC) has been replaced by British national Catherine Jane Waters. Presidential Spokesperson Mohamed Zuhairu is reported to have said that the appointment was to improve the services of the hospitals and health centers under the corporation. And to design and foster the services through an experienced health professional who has experience in the sector in a developed country.

Ms. Waters has been the CEO of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) which is the biggest health care facility under MHSC, prior to her appointment as the Managing Director of MHSC.

I once made a four-page handwritten complaint to the CEO/Manager of the IGMH to inform of some very unpleasant experiences I had to undergo at the hospital a few months. I lodged my written complaint at the public relations counter and left contact details on the note.

The next morning I missed a call from a number that I did not recognize just after eight o’clock in the morning as I was on the ferry to Male’. I had planned to call back when I got to the office. By the time, I got to the office I had received a text message acknowledging my complaint, and apologizing for the experience I had to go through. I called the number and spoke with Ms. Waters. She listened to me and clarified the issues I had raised. She then explained to me the challenges that would delay action to rectify the matters I had raised, but assured me that she would look into it and take action to improve the areas of concern that were raised in my note.

Less than a week later, I bumped into a friend who is a Deputy Director at the hospital and mentioned to him about my complaint. He told me that one of the issues that I had raised has already been attended to and that he has been given instruction to do it. Those wishing to meet with a doctor at the baby nursery will have a proper meeting place and will not have to discuss issues with the doctor standing in the midst of a crowd. That is just one of the things.

From the experience I had I understand that she is efficient, has a good sense of what healthcare is, and is a right person to promptly attend to issues and take the health corporation out of the fire-fighting syndrome that it is in right now. Most importantly, it is worthy to note that she has the capacity to listen to and respond appropriately to discomfort and dissatisfaction. I believe the government made the right decision; only time will tell.

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Prevent the Twitter Unfollow: Tips from a Twitter User

Prevent the Twitter Unfollow: Tips from a Twitter User.

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Note from My Daughter

I received the following note hand written on a circle of white paper of 6.5cm radius, when I came home from work this evening. It was a note from my daughter Almas.

“You are so helpful and caring to your children. You are so brave. You can solve all the problems in our family without dropping one drop of tear. You are handsome too. Your good looks come mostly because you always Smile. I don’t know how you stay without getting sad for so long. You never talk bad about anyone. Sometimes you might say no to some of the things I say to protect me.”


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Di Naina: tempat makanan saya di subang jaya

During my stay in Malaysia this time, I am staying at Casa Tiara in Subang Jaya. There is a wonderful Iranian restaurant and Italian restaurant downstairs. However, my crowd – friends of my son, frequent Di Naina – which is a food outlet about 3 minutes walk from our residence. It is next to Subang Jay Carrefour sitting right next to the overhead on SS15.

My favourite rice dish at Di Naina is the Black Pepper Rice cooked in a ceramic pot and served hot. I like to start with a roti chanai cut and served with condensed milk, and then proceed to the main meal, along with a “teh tarik”.

The best part of the Di Naina experience is the the waiter Gudhoos, who always greets you with a smile, shakes hands, says Salaam, and asks you how you are today and a little nice talk, before taking the order. He stands out from the rest of the waiters, and most of the regular customes wait for him to take their orders. Despite the added workload, he constantly greets in the same manner and is always happy and light-hearted.

The break from work that has been compelled upon me due to a sudden incident has been a huge learning experience which will be a great experience to build on from. I am reminded of the Metro Manila experience way back in 1992. It is indeed important for us to take a break from our life’s routines in order to reach out and learn from the wide world around us. I hope to come out of this experience, a better person.

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A university campus island for the Maldives

I have been in Malaysia for ten days now. It is a long way away from the troubles at home in Male’ – the ongoing killings, street violence, reports of sexual child abuse on an epdiemic scale, rule of anarchy and power in the hands of street gangs and looters and criminals on the loose, and the break-neck politics for the annihilation of the others by leading political parties – from within and without, and a government who believes all is well.

Since the August Constitution, the country’s leaders – both in government’s ruling party and the opposition, have taken it upon themselves to improve their conditions and neglect the long sustainability of the country while maintaining its heritage of hospitality intact. The Maldives today has no peace and tranquility to offer visitors to our shores.

I am staying in Malaysia with friends of my son, who is undergoing medical treatment for an injury from an accident. They have offered to put us up in their house as one of they have a visitor room which is vacant and one of the brothers will also be away for industrial training back home.

During the last couple of days I have had the opportunity to also be with my son’s friends who are frequent visitors to say a hello to him. One thing that has impressed me is how these young people are full of energyand life yet completely free of negativity and destruction that we see so much in abundance at home. Hence, they are kind and caring.

I just wondered to myself how do we build this into our homes. I believe that our young people need the physcial and emotional space to engage with the simple things in life. The provision of such space is what is not possible within the constraints of the crowded capital Male’. It is perhaps time that we put up the Maldives National University main campus somewhere with a lot of space and room for young people to be themselves away from the unnecessary pressures of Male’.

A university campus island or islaand with the option of facilities that may be rented to private colleges is a dream that perahps our country needs to realize to move to a civilized existence from the anarchy and chaos that we currently live in.


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Smile Challenge

The biggest challenge to a perfect Smile is just one person full of negative energy who can ruin your day.

It is very important for us to keep away from such people. They are full of negative energy and looking for someone to vent their frustration into. These people do not understand nor appreciate the harm they cause others around them.

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Talking about My Favourite Book

Quote (August 2005)

My Favourite Book
How to Have a Beautiful Mind by Edward de Bono is a good read.

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