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Have a Wonderful Day!

This morning I woke up quite late and was therefore late to work by nearly an hour. I was so upset with myself that I jumped out of bed and shouted at the top of my voice; ofcourse there’s no one at home because my wife is already at work in her school and my daughter is in school too.

While on my way to the ferry, I realized that I cannot carry this negative energy in me to my work place. It is a place that should be fun and joyful. So I decided to change my day, make it bright and wonderful. I sent an sms to a colleague, wishing her a good morning and told her that I woke up late because there was something good waiting for me today.

The rest of the day was fantastic. It turned out to be one of the best days I have so far had during this year. I achieved so much. And yes, something wonderful did happen too. When I walked into the “hotaa” (cafateria) by our office for lunch, I bumped into a good friend who I have not met for years now. He was in Male’ visiting his family for a short break from work and we had a long chat.

When I reflected on the events of the day, I was reminded of the saying on a tshirt I brought for my son from a visit abroad. “We are responsible for our feelings.” How true!

If I want to have a wonderful day, the effort to achieve it is simple! Just the attitude to say to myself that there is something good waiting for me today, and a promise to myself that I will have a wonderful day!

Isn’t that wonderful!

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Afraasheem: what a fantastic story

Started formal education at Sixteen
Finished Mauhadh and went on to IIU, Malaysia
Returns to the country thirteen years later with a PhD

What a fantastic story

Humble all the way
Wish to continue to be an Imam
Spend part of his day in preaching
And to spend time gaining knowledge

What a fantastic story

Afraasheem: on TVM Heyyamboa today


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Greetings and Best Wishes

My heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all the visitors to “Smile and Let Smile”.

Some of the comments to the blog indicate that some readers have been offended by the content posted on this blog. I would like to apologize for those who have been upset. I have decided to have a cautionary note on my blog to warn readers of the critical nature of my thoughts so that they can avoid reading the stuff.

I hope my thoughts will be excused in the true spirit of the liberal democratic principles we value so much. I believe that the bringing together of minds helps to modify and bring out the best in the sum total of all.

Eid is a time for gratitude and forgiveness. We shall approach it with an abundance mentality. There is enough and more of everything in this world. We dont have to deprive others of “peace of mind” in order for us to have peace. Nor should we deprive others of happiness to be happy.

The more we give, the more we shall have. Let’s give more of caring and understanding.


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We all serve others.

We give internal service to colleagues and external service to customers. With service partners we work together. You might serve a manager. Servant leaders serve their teams.

Tennis begins with service. Cars are regularly serviced. And from time to time, computers need servicing, too. There is community service, religious service, food service, civil service and military service. Prisoners are serving time. Others are serving humanity.

When you Serve you give and energy flows from you to others. That creates a vacuum, so life flows energy back to you.When you Con-serve, you put something aside so it can serve again in the future. When you Pre-serve, you protect something today so it can serve again tomorrow.

But when you think too hard about what you De-serve, your energy shifts from giving, to getting. The flow starts going backwards and you may debase, degrade, and decline.

Key Learning Point: The way to get more of whatever you want is to focus on giving more to others. If you want a lot, give a lot. If you want more, give more.

Action Steps: Want more money? Give more value. Want more love? Give more affection. Want more respect? Give more credit. Want more help? Give more appreciation. Want more understanding? Give more time.

Want a more extraordinary life? Give more of yourself to others.

Copyright, 2007, Ron Kaufman. All rights reserved. Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator for uplifting customer service. He is the author of the bestselling “UP Your Service!” books and founder of “UP Your Service College”. For proven customer service training tools, tips and techniques, visit

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“We don’t want terrorists and terrorism in our Maldives!
Join the cyber-protest by Maldivian bloggers.”


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