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Upcoming Presidential Elections 2013

The Maldives will be holding its second presidential elections under the August 2008 constitution, on September 7, 2013.

President Nasheed has already submitted his application and his candidacy has been approved by the Elections Commission. It is expected that four other applications will be submitted next week, including that of Gasim Ibrahim of Jumhooree Party, Yaameen Abdul Gayyoom of Progressive Party, and independent candidates Ahmed Saud and current president Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

President Nasheed has vowed to make a come back in the first round of the presidential elections, which he is contesting “to put right” what he claims to be a coup by the military and the opposition in which he was forced to resign under duress. His VP Waheed Hassan who was later sworn in as president has maintained that the transfer of power was legitimate and it was not a coup. A commission of national inquiry which was co-chaired by the Commonwealth supported his claims.

President Waheed has been dealt the biggest pre-election blow thus far. His coalition partners Adhaalath Party and Gaumee Iththihaad party has deserted him, to join the presidential hopeful Gasim Ibrahim. They claim that family influence has marginalized coalition partners.

President Waheed has announced his decision to press ahead and contest the elections with his running mate Thasmeen Ali, the leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party, DRP. He is said to have already got the 1,500 signatures required to submit the application as an independent presidential candidate.

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