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Free and Fair: What does that mean?

Dr. Abdulla Waheed writes:

“… The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for Maldivians with too much happening in too short a time. Let alone ordinary citizens, even parties and candidates have not been able to keep up with the pace, with many of them still to publicize their full manifestos. So the voters have not had the opportunity to make a full informed decision.”

It is quite true that this election will not be free and fair. People have not been given space and time to make an informed decision. The elections commission is clearly undecided on the fairness of this election, if one is to take Commissioner Ali Faiz’s comments seriously. He represents one of the major voting blocks of the people.

The fact that the independent election commission is made up of representatives from key political parties puts the fairness of this whole election and others during the transitional period into question.

So how can it be free and fair!

Read more of Dr. Waheed’s post here

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Rhetoric matures into Threats and Violence…

The violence that has been expected before the first democratic elections under the new constitution has been instigated a fortnight before the elections and has matured into full-scale violence during the last three days; with signs of large scale escalation due to occur before the ill-fated October 8th in Male’.

Anni threatens Maumoon MDP Office Attacked Police condemn Monaza Naeem MDP calls Foul-playThasmeen chased from Thulhaadhoo & the denial DRP chased away from Maavah

Maldives National Defence Forces and the Maldives Police Services gave a joint briefing to the media to assure public that measures would be taken to maintain law and order in the run up to and beyond the elections. It is, however, unlikely that they have the resources, the infrastructure and a decisive leadership to contain a nation turning into a ruthless mob – fanned from within and all around.


Things are getting out of hand!

Things are really gonna get out of hand, if the current sequence of events are to continue, in the ongoing “bahuge hamalaa” by the political parties involved in the upcoming presidential elections. There is so much hypocracy that nothing is impossible anymore. We may not have an October 8th.

When things fall apart, there will be really no need to find who the culprit was. It will be far too late and we would have tunneled ourselves into a head-on collision course with a fast train, as one anonymous comment to this blog earlier stated.

May Allah save this nation from those hungry for power.


Isthikharah Prayer before you act!

Mohamed Muizzu has advised all Muslim voters in Maldives to do the Ishthikharah Prayer before the Voting Day… He writes:

After deciding on your choice of presidential candidate (whoever it is), who you think would be most capable of safeguarding and promoting the Islamic identity of the people and practically delivering as much as possible of what they have promised on their manifestos, I sincerely advise to pray the Isthikharah Prayer regarding that decision.

Read more here


Money is Honey No more!!!

Dr. Abdulla Waheed writes:

The conventional wisdom till August this year was if one had enough 500 rufiyaa notes to distribute on Election Day, one was assured of victory. This doctrine however came for a severe hammering almost overnight with the lukewarm response Qasim Ibrahim received for his presidential bid. All of a sudden one started hearing comments such as, ‘Qasim is a good businessman and philanthropist, but not the type of person we want as president.” Does this herald a paradigm shift from the plutocratic politics of the past decade to party based politics?

He further writes:

Thus in the future we could perhaps expect a reduction in the number of business tycoons getting elected to the Majlis. This of course is merely a theory and needs verification in light of the results of March 2009 General Election.

Read more from Dr. Waheed here


Oooops!!! All can compete, except…

The Supreme Court Decides:

That Maumoon can stand for
A first term of office as president
Under the new constitution
That his previous six terms
Cannot be counted
Under this constitution

That there is no proof
Beyond reasonable doubt
That Maumoon is not a Sunni

That Anni has not committed
A Hadhdh offense under Islam
That it has not been proven
Beyond reasonable doubt

These Verdicts were passed down
By the Supreme Court which has ruled
That they cannot be questioned or criticized

The very court that turned down
A plea, by one presidential hopeful
That imposing a further condition
(Not stated in the constitution)
To stand for president
Was wrong


When should one seek justice and when not!

A day after Maumoon said that he will take those who have alleged he is not a Sunni Muslim to court, the Presidential Spokesperson and Maumoon’s party colleague Mohamed Shareef has alleged that Hassan Saeed’s campaign is funded by a Jewish billionnaire. Maumoon was furious when he spoke about it, for he was being falsely alleged of what he was not.

I think that the Presidential Spokesperson should take Hassan Saeed to court and prove his allegation.

Read Miadhu report here


Men and Men: Guardians of the Good

In a moment of reflection, I could not just help wondering the great responsibilities that have come to the shoulders of the men and men who have been placed to kick-start the new constitution for the Maldivian people. The members of the election commission, the supreme court bench, the judicial services commission and others have on them, the onous to make the right decisions.

The difficult thing is that there is little precedence, institutional memory and wisdom that are a function of good decisions; for these institutions. They have to do a rush job and ensure that it is done democratically, fairly and correctly. There is no democratic culture in us, yet everyone expects these immature institutions to do a first-class job void of any flaws, and therefore will not accept anything short of their personal belief.

That is an unfathomable challenge that the men and men who make up these institutions are faced with today. I can only empathize with them.


Adaalath Party takes the elections to court

Adhaalath Party which claims they do things the Islamic way, have taken the Elections Commission to the Supreme Court for accepting Maumoon’s candidacy to stand in the upcoming presidential elections. Adhaalath claims that Maumoon is not a Muslim of a Sunni sect of Islam, when the constitution requires that one should belong to a Sunni sect.

Adhaalath is the institutional strength behind the Jumhooree Gulhun or Republican Coalition, whose presidential candidate is Villa Foundation Chairman Gasim Ibrahim. They have a considerable support base in the political landscape, by being the self-appointed guardians of Islam in the Maldives. Adhaalath type of Islam is fearful because they seemingly claim to have the authority to decide who is a Muslim and who is not. And the other is this prejudice that Sunni Muslims are more Muslim than others.

So what I see is a new type of Islam in the evolution phase. All my life, I had believed Islam to be one religion and a simple way of life which is dignified and caring, not one of greed and a hate-bashing institution of sheer lunacy. I still believe that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance; not the type that is manifesting amongst us right now.

Jumhooree Party has not distanced itself from the court-case to prove that Maumoon is not a “proper” Muslim, thought they were quick to announce their shock and awe at the President of the Youth League of the party who lodged a complaint against Anni in the Supreme Court. Jumhooree spokesperson was highly apologetic whenever he mentioned the incident, and said that the party was going to expell the Youth League President from the party if he did not fall in line. He also seemed to be of the opinion that it should be the people and not the Supreme Court
Bench who decides a president.

Come to think of it, I think the fact that Anni could say “let the people decide” shows his trust and confidence in the people of this country to make the right decision. Clearly Adhaalath fears the people will make the wrong decision. They have no confidence in the wisdom of the people – people are ignorant and only the scholars know!

This action of Adhaalath which is clearly a unilateral action by Adhaalath and without the backing of their coalition partner, definitely shows the Adhaalath way of doing things. They cannot trust the majority to decide. What I cannot understand is that this so called democracy is not an Islamic institution and why are a religous party entagled in it.

Islam is becoming confusing (atleast when forced to believe that Adhaalath is its guardian); and so is democracy. I atleast thought I knew Islam.

You may also like to read the story as reported in Minivan and Miadhu


Dhivehinnnah heyo budhiyaai dhuruvisnun mivanarukuravvaashi!

އާބާދީގެ ތިންބައިކުޅަ އެއްބަޔަށްވުރެން ގިނަމީހުން ތޮއްޖެހިފައިވާ އެއްރަށެއްގައި ދިރިއުޅޭ، އަދި ގައުމުގެ ޒުވާނުންގެ ތެރެއިން 12000 ށްވުރެ ގިނަމީހުން މަސްތުވާތަކެތީގެ ވަބާގައި ޖެހިފައިވާ، އުމުރުން ފަނަރައަހަރު ފުރުމުގެ ކުރިން ގިނަ އަންހެންކުދިންނަށް ޖިންސީގޮތުން ގޯނާއެއްކުރެވިފައިތިބޭ، ރައްޔިތުންގެ މައްޗަށް އޮންނަ މަދުބައެއްގެ ޚުދުމުޚުތާރު ވެރިކަމުގެ ސަގާފަތެއް އޮންނައިރުވެސް މިނިވަނުންކަމަށް ދައުވާކޮށް އެކަމަށްޓަކައި ފަޚުރުވެރިވާ ދިވެހިންނަށް އޮޅުވާލާ، ދަޅަދައްކާ، އަނދުން އަޅުވާލައިގެން ރައްޔިތުންނަށް ރަގަޅުގޮތެއް ބަޔަކު ހަދައިދީފިކަމަށް ހީވާގޮތަށް – ވަކިބަޔެއްގެ މަސްލަހަތު މުޅިން ހަމަޖެއްސުމުގެ ބޮޑު މަޝްރޫއަށް “ގާނޫނު އަސާސީ އިސްލާހު” ކުރުމުގެ ނަމުން ނަންދީ، އަލަށް ހެދި ގާނޫނު އަސާސީގެ ދަށުން ދުނިޔެ ސިއްސުވާލާނެ ނަމޫނާ ރިޔާސީ އިންތިޚާބެއް ދިވެހިރާއްޖޭގައި ބޭއްވުމުގެ ތައްޔާރީތައް ހޭބޯ ނާރާ ހިނގަމުންދާ މަންޒަރަކީ ހާދަ ހިތްގައިމު މަންޒަރެކެވެ. ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު
އަވަސް އަރައިގަނެގެން ކުރުގަޅުވާލައިގެން ބާއްވާ އާގާނޫނުއަސާސީގެ ފުރަތަމަ އިންތިޚާބު (ރިއާސީ އިންތިޚާބު) ވެގެންދާނީ މައްސަލަތަކާއި ހަމަނުޖެހުންތަކުން ފުރިގެންވާ މިނިވަންކަމެއް ދިވެހިންނަށް ގެނެސްދޭނެ މަރުހަލާއަކަށް ވެދާނެކަމުގެ ކޮޅުމަތި މިހާރު މިދަނީ ފެންނަމުންނެވެ. ދިމާކުރުމާއި ފުރައްސާރަކުރުމުގެ އިންތިހާއަށް ކެމްޕެއިންގެ ކަންތައްތައް މިވަނީ ގޮސްފައެވެ. ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު
އަޅުގަޑުގެ ދުއާއަކީ ދިވެހިންނަށް ހެޔޮބުއްދިއާއި ދުރުވިސްނުން މާތްﷲ މިންވަރުކުރެއްވުމެވެ. ދިވެހިންނަށް މިފަހަކަށް އައިސް ދިމާވި ކޮންމެ ބޮޑުމުސީބާތަކުން ސަލާމަތްވެފައިވަނީ ﷲ ގެ ހެޔޮރަހުމަތްފުޅުންނެވެ. ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު ޝިހާބު
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