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Election Talk: "They are thieves"

The results of the “ongoing” parliamentary elections is the hottest topic of town. One of my friends told me that PA “bought” all the seats in Laamu Atoll and two seats in Meemu Atoll with the money that Yaameen and His Gang has stashed away.

I wondered?

How come when other parties win seats that it is the true aspiration of the people, and when PA wins a seat it must be coersion and bribery at its best. I also find it amusing to believe that certain peoples in particular constituencies are “corrupt” when others in certain constituenices are clean and wise.

DRP supporters that I met seem to believe that the election was heavily unduly influenced by the ruling party. They seem to believe that the results have been manipulated to the advantage of MDP.

Funny isn’t it?

But we all say that we are now in a democracy where each has the right to form and hold his own opinion and judgement.


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Can Anni lead us to the Othe Maldives that he promised? Will he?

I was shocked and numbed to read the words of the councillor of South Central Prrovice, Mr. Khaleel of Faafu Atoll. He is a member of the MDP which is led by President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni). He is reported to have said in very strong and threatening words that those civil servants who had served in the previous regime will be removed mercilessly after May 15th (perhaps referring to the final announcement date for parliamentary election results scheduled for May 9th).

Mr. Khaleel is one of a growing number of government officials who seem to be above the law and are able to justify any of their actions on the premise that the previous regime was worse. However, they all seem to follow the MDP Leadership in Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi and MP Moosa Manik who believe that none associated with the previous government should be spared. Both are said to be recepeints of favors from the previous regime and have not disclosed nor acknowledged the same.

But what Khaleel has done will surprise even Mariya and Moosa, I think. And the thought created this question in my mind. That MDP is going to be led by the person who can create most hatred toward Maumoon and all others who are not members of MDP. I cannot help but think of Mao Tse Tung and Lenin and China and the Sovient Union! (No wonder our previous regime did not want us to learn History.)

Can Anni take us to Other Maldives to lead a decent life, an Other Maldives which is going to be legislated and controlled by a Parliament controlled by MDP led by the likes of Khaleel, Mariya and Moosa? Will he finally come to have qualities to lead a nation and a people over above a group of party loyalists?

I believed strongly in the Other Maldives in which others and I could lead a decent life. I am not quite sure anymore. But I have no regrets. It’s perhaps one of those dreams which will not come true. But, I pray Anni will do it. I believe he can if he will.

Will Anni?


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First Democractically Elected Parliament: Mandate?

Today we are proud to say that we have a new constitution; one that gives the people of the Maldives the right to a dignified life in our beloved nation. The August Constitution has been a product of the collective desire of the Maldivian People for reform and justice.

We have the first democratically elected President, today. We are proud to have “30 years” of a prolonged regime behind us; a thing of the past! We have mandated a dynamic, vibrant and young President to lead us to the Other Maldives – one in which each of us will have a decent life.

Now the country is on the verge of the next best thing that will happen to our beloved nation in its new found haven of democracy. We will elect Members of Parliament to the first democractically elected 76 member strong Majlis in the parliamentary elections to be held on 9th of May.

The Question that I have is: What will be the mandate of the first parliament of the August Constitution? I have my thoughts, but maybe later!


What Next for DRP?

It was Mohamed Nasheed who first announced that he will be contesting the Kulhudhuffushi seat in the upcoming parliamentary elections because of differences with the DRP. Then the former Minister for Higher Education and many other things in the previous regime said he would not be contesting for the Gaafaru Kaashidhoo seat, as the party was not in a position to take action against a strong DRP member who announced he would contest as an independent.

Then, now the former Home Minister Abdulla Kamaaluddin says he will be running as an indepedent for an Upper North Provice seat. However, he has reported to the media that he is in good terms with the party and its leadership. He also was undecided when asked whether he may not join the party after getting elected, by saying that its too early to make a commitment to that end.

It would be interesting to see how DRP fares in the upcoming elections as a political party. The party chief spokesperson is reported to have said that where there is confusion, a letter will be issued to the official candidates by the Party Leader (Zaeem) of the party to give them legitimacy. In addition, he is also reported to have said the case of the stray party members will be taken up by the disciplinary committee of the party.

It is yet to be seen whether DRP will offer a substantial alternative to the ruling MDP philosophy or just try to capitalize on building a perception of MDP as mere activists and thugs good for nothing!


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The Parliamentary Election Confusion

The elections for the new People’s Majlis (Parliament) of the Maldives will be held in before February. Parties and independents vying for a seat in the new parliament has started their campaigning. Candidates of political parties who will contest the seats are expected to be announced shortly. Jumhooree Party Leader Gasim Ibrahim, who resigned from the post of the all powerful Home Minister, has announced that his party will contest all constituencies. DRP have said that they are in the process of selecting their candidates. The country’s President and MDP Leader Nasheed (Anni) has called upon party members and the nation to give a majority to the party in the upcoming parliament, so that he can deliver on the campaign promises. DRP Secretary Geneal Dr. Mausoom said that it is important that the government should be kept in check by parliament, and for this to happen the people must decide to have a difference in parliament.

The “coalition” government that came into power after the first multi-party presidential elections have left the country is a mess. People voted for MDP Leader Mohamed Nasheed to be President, but the government he formed is made up of a coalition that does not really exist for any meaningful purpose of government. There is no reason that they have to be in a “coalition”. There is nothing to be lost to the MDP Coalition (MDP and Gaumee Ithihaadh Party) by breaking away from the “Wathanee Coalition” (WC).

Now that Gasim is out of WC, and his Jumhooree Coalition is still with the government despite the government belittling him, it is likely that Jumhooree Party and Adhaalath Party will stand firm and give a fight to MDP in the parliamentary elections. DRP seems to be still in a coma from the defeat in the presidential elections and maynot be able to come back if they don’t do something about it soon.

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