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Media Freedom and Personal Integrity and Majlis

Haveeru has reported that MPs have spoken for medium freedom and against attacks on the media from the parliament floor, where all the deliberations are broadcast live. MPs including parliamentary leader of MDP and parliamentary leader and the only member of Qawmee Party are said to have spoken against the media even in today’s Majlis. However, those who spoke for media freedom and against attacks on the media by parliamentarians wholesale include several member of the MDP and DRP.

Independent MP Mohamed Nasheed who has been most attacked by the media and fellow colleagues in parliament, over the “I need some cash drama” initiated by MNBC One, spoke for media freedom. He is reported to have said that it is through the use of media to disseminate the truth against any propaganda that will be the proper way of engaging with the media. A private cconversation between MP Nasheed and Jumhooree Party parliamentary leader Gasim was leaked, and broadcast by the government TV channel – MNBC One, while a mockery of the incident was staged at the national level by the MDP. The president of the party went to the Grand Jetty One in Male’ to receive the “donation box” from Kulhudhuffushi.

Parliamentary Group Leader of MDP who is arguing for upholding the honor of the Majlis by curbing media freedom and calling for the shutting down of certain media outlets is the most prominent member of parliament who utters abuse at people who he sees fit, in Majlis and outside at public podiums including party gatherings. He is usually applauded and rewarded highly by members of the party for his style of attacking others in such forums. It is ironical that he is so passionate about his personal integrity today, he who has no respect for the integrity of others.

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One in five, one in five, are people and their welfare just another statistic to the government?

Are the people who elect them and empower them to run the business of the State, just a bit of statistic to the government? This is a question that I ponder myself over, on many occasions. At such instances, the government seems to me more like a donor agency – such as a UN organization or a bilateral donor government.

Just a while ago was such a moment, as I read an article in Sun stating that the Vice President has said that one in five young people are unemployed. We have also been told that one in five girls are sexually abused before they reach the age of 15, and that they are not safe in the community, in schools or at home.

The government are busy churning out the statistics and worrying about how to present them in the best possible manner, I suppose. The government seems to lack the capacity or the resources to attend to these one-in-five issues. The powers-that-be do not seem to have the time nor the energy or the commitment to attend to the issues of affordable housing, employment and compatible training – that will take the country out of the chaos and afford a decent life to its people.

The government is said to be held in its tracks by the parliament who fail to legislate for the government to have the means to deliver, and by the judiciary who are alleged of being cronies of the former dictatorship. The parliament is busy fighting amongst one another, while the judiciary have followed suit and are busy convicting one another.

The international community applauds the Maldives for its great strides in democracy and the President applauds the people for their sacrifice – patience, trust and confidence in government in the face of misery.

Am I frustrated? You bet!

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President Nasheed opens his weekly address this week with “sincere thanks to the people, especially the business community” for their patience, and trust and confidence in the government

President Nasheed in his 93rd radio address to the nation, hjas expressed his gratitude to the public and the bsiness community for their understanding of his devaluation of the Maldivian Rufiyaa, and the confidence and trust in the government shown by the public and the business community. He said expressed his sincere thanks to their patience.

The President is quite convinced that the US Dollar rate will fall below the median value of the exchange rate band announced by the government last week, in a short period of time. The president has however backtracked from the earlier line in the media as the newsbroke and drove the market into a panic, saying that the decision by the MMA Board was not following an order by him or the government.

The President also noted that, though there are rumors spreading in the country, he in convinced that there will not be a wholesale increase of the prices of products and services. He has he has been informed by businessman of there is no alarming price hikes.

The President concluded his radio address by reiterating his belief that since all monetary and fiscal policy interventions are now in place, we will be on the road to economic prosperity in a short span of time. The President also reiterated that his commitment that his government’s only purpose is to serve the people.

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The movement to dethrone President Nasheed and reinstate the powers of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

Supporters of the sacked former Deputy Leader Umar Naseer of DRP are moving fast and organizing themselves to garner support within the parliament to get enough MPs to sign for a resolution to take a vote of no confidence of President Nasheed. This was announced in the media by members of the breakaway faction led by Umar Naseer with the blessing of former President Gayoom. The former President seems to have been disillusioned as his thirst for grandeure has been not met by the government of President Nasheed.

It is quite reasonable to believe that he has been lured into “a no-turning back, dead end” by Umar Naseer, who was his most ardent opponent in the four years prior to the presidential election of 2008. Umar may in fact be designing implementing the ultimate demise of the Legacy that Maumoon so desperately desired, like the cultist leaders of the Middle East and Africa. Former President Gayoom was educated in Egypt and worked in Africa before returning home to move his way through his presidential aspirations.

The dictatorship of MDP and DRP, which is the biggest threat to a functioning democracy of the people in Maldives, is also undergoing power struggles within, at this juncture. Perhaps, it will be this chaos that will save the President from the proposed no confidence vote promoted by the Umar Naseer faction of the DRP.

The efforts by MDP to silence any opposition of any sort to its absolute power for the next 50 years, as expressed by its parlimentary leader, will perhaps benefit from the division of the opposition amongst those rallying behind Dear Leader Maumoon (or Zaeem as they love to call him) and the rest. The government and the opposition seem to be blind to the fate of the nation, in their struggle to own and control the people of the Maldives and the length and breadth of its wealth. Maumoon cannot be satisfied with the 30 years of absolute power to rule and benefit from the people, neither will the leaders of the MDP be satisfied unless they have the absolute power to rule the people and the nation’s wealth as they wish.

Children are being raped, people are being robbed and killed, businesses are being vandalized, tourists are under threat of being hijacked or kidnapped; and all the politicians who take away over 5% of the country’s budget under different names for their personal expenses cannot be bothered about anything except absolute power unto themselves.

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Virtual Sex and its place in the Maldivian Society…

Local Media in Male’ reported today that the Cabinet Secretary is on official business in Singapore and his duties have been assigned to the Legal Secretary of the President’s Office, Hisan Hussain. The reports were attributed to the Press Secretary of the President’s Office, Mohamed Zuhair. This news comes after a spell of alleged indecent exposure on webcam by the Cabinet Secretary. The allegations are yet to be confirmed by any competent authority of the government or other State institution.

The Maldives Police Service who initially alleged that a group of nearly two dozen people were arrested for blackmailing senior officials of the State using webcam material which showed indecent exposure sexual acts performed on webcam, alleged to be of high officials, have gone silent on the case. The majority of those arrested still remain in police custody pending further investigation.No officials have been taken for questioning.

Virtual sex is not prohibited nor a crime under the Maldivian Constitution or Law, as far as I am aware. It is also widely held that the internet is full of material of this nature which show such exposure but show faces of others pasted on persons who are committing these sexual acts.

Maldivians, though a nation of Muslims by Law, are quite liberal.

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Democracy Paradise: All in A Day

The Deputy Speaker of parliament is taking the Leader of the Opposition of which the Deputy Speaker’s party is a coalition member; to court, for defaulting on payment of a personal loan. The Courts had to issue a Red Notice to the leader of the opposition party which was pasted on the gate of his residence as earlier summons were disregarded by the leader of the opposition. This was reported in the Maldives media today.

An American company is taking the parliamentary leader of the President’s party to court for alleged defaulting on payment of a loan which was given to him in 2007. The alleged amount is over 4 million Rufiyaa according to local media reports. A contract which was awarded to his company is alleged to have room for serious allegations of corruption, and the state owned company which awarded the contract has been asked to re-tender for the project, by the Anti-Corruption Commission. The state owned company has since sought a court order to nullify the ACC ruling.

Civil Court has revealed that they have not been able to serve summons to a leading MP because his address in unknown to them. The case has been lodged by the Attorney General. His company is alleged to have not paid rent to the government for several years now, to a restaurant in a prime location of the capital city. The other shareholders have told in court that they are not aware of the conduct of business of the company and that company accounts have been operated through personal bank accounts of the MP.

The Supreme Court has issued a press statement negating allegations of corruption by Justices regarding phone allowances and car repair. The Supreme Court has also stated that the media reports were defamatory of the institution and the high judges of the Court.

All this in a backdrop of a blackmail scandal involving respected dignitaries who are alleged to have strip and masturbated on webcam in an act of fetish. The police are investigating the blackmail and the government has stayed quiet on the matter except a response from the Press Secretary of the President who indicated that action on the allegations can only be taken only after a court ruling. The alleged video clips have been circulating around town during this week.

All this has been reported in the local media, of which the truth cannot be verified independently. The local media including the government media is alleged to be biased in their reporting.

All this in a hundred per cent Muslim country where the traditions of Islam is allegedly observed. Maldives seems to have turned from Paradise on Earth to Democracy Paradise. I was told by a visiting professor of human rights at a public lecture in Male’ that my assertion, that this and the ongoing victimization of innocent people and freedom to those who disregarded the law was the “collateral damage” of democracy, was wrong. I was later able to convince a colleague that it was indeed collateral damage and not a failure of democracy.

And I am writing this post when I have once been bullied and harassed by an independent commission of the State for expressing my views on this blog which they found to belittle them.

The country, which is alleged to be a breeding ground of extremism and a supplier of international terrorists, in addition to all of the above, and allegedly one of the most unsafe places to be in broad daylight or in the early evening hours of Male’ morning, is aiming to increase its tourist arrivals to a million visitors, to enjoy this paradise.

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MPs vote against pay cut proposed by Kulhudhuffushi South MP

Minivan News reported today:
MPs vote against pay cut

Vilufushi MP Riyaz Rasheed of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party criticised Nasheed for suggesting a pay cut. “The honourable member will know the benefits of receiving two salaries, he was in the Special Majlis and he was a minister,” he said. “We certainly haven’t had an opportunity like that.”

“I support the spirit of the bill, but I don’t support the purpose of it,” said Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Rasheed. He said Nasheed was proposing bills to waste parliament’s time and further his political career. “Don’t use this Majlis as a tool to fool the people,” he said.

Baarah MP Mohamed Shifaz described the legislation as “useless”, saying Nasheed was proposing bills because “two people got fired or because he feels somebody’s salary is too high”.


It is nice to see that MPs today are saying things like this. That the bill presented by Kulhudhuffushi South MP Nasheed, has made the Majlis ponder upon the enormous responsibilities put on their shoulders and the importance of making the Majlis a place of responsible behavior rather than a stage for the mockery of democracy and reform.

Now they have in their vocabulary a phrase which says “wasting time” on “useless” things, and the need to have a “purpose” in the things that they do.

Nasheed’s argument


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Election Talk: "They are thieves"

The results of the “ongoing” parliamentary elections is the hottest topic of town. One of my friends told me that PA “bought” all the seats in Laamu Atoll and two seats in Meemu Atoll with the money that Yaameen and His Gang has stashed away.

I wondered?

How come when other parties win seats that it is the true aspiration of the people, and when PA wins a seat it must be coersion and bribery at its best. I also find it amusing to believe that certain peoples in particular constituencies are “corrupt” when others in certain constituenices are clean and wise.

DRP supporters that I met seem to believe that the election was heavily unduly influenced by the ruling party. They seem to believe that the results have been manipulated to the advantage of MDP.

Funny isn’t it?

But we all say that we are now in a democracy where each has the right to form and hold his own opinion and judgement.


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Can Anni lead us to the Othe Maldives that he promised? Will he?

I was shocked and numbed to read the words of the councillor of South Central Prrovice, Mr. Khaleel of Faafu Atoll. He is a member of the MDP which is led by President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni). He is reported to have said in very strong and threatening words that those civil servants who had served in the previous regime will be removed mercilessly after May 15th (perhaps referring to the final announcement date for parliamentary election results scheduled for May 9th).

Mr. Khaleel is one of a growing number of government officials who seem to be above the law and are able to justify any of their actions on the premise that the previous regime was worse. However, they all seem to follow the MDP Leadership in Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi and MP Moosa Manik who believe that none associated with the previous government should be spared. Both are said to be recepeints of favors from the previous regime and have not disclosed nor acknowledged the same.

But what Khaleel has done will surprise even Mariya and Moosa, I think. And the thought created this question in my mind. That MDP is going to be led by the person who can create most hatred toward Maumoon and all others who are not members of MDP. I cannot help but think of Mao Tse Tung and Lenin and China and the Sovient Union! (No wonder our previous regime did not want us to learn History.)

Can Anni take us to Other Maldives to lead a decent life, an Other Maldives which is going to be legislated and controlled by a Parliament controlled by MDP led by the likes of Khaleel, Mariya and Moosa? Will he finally come to have qualities to lead a nation and a people over above a group of party loyalists?

I believed strongly in the Other Maldives in which others and I could lead a decent life. I am not quite sure anymore. But I have no regrets. It’s perhaps one of those dreams which will not come true. But, I pray Anni will do it. I believe he can if he will.

Will Anni?


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First Democractically Elected Parliament: Mandate?

Today we are proud to say that we have a new constitution; one that gives the people of the Maldives the right to a dignified life in our beloved nation. The August Constitution has been a product of the collective desire of the Maldivian People for reform and justice.

We have the first democratically elected President, today. We are proud to have “30 years” of a prolonged regime behind us; a thing of the past! We have mandated a dynamic, vibrant and young President to lead us to the Other Maldives – one in which each of us will have a decent life.

Now the country is on the verge of the next best thing that will happen to our beloved nation in its new found haven of democracy. We will elect Members of Parliament to the first democractically elected 76 member strong Majlis in the parliamentary elections to be held on 9th of May.

The Question that I have is: What will be the mandate of the first parliament of the August Constitution? I have my thoughts, but maybe later!

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