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Never To Be

I have a Story
A story to Tell
of Nothingness
a past Bygone

The Painting on the Wall
of a Mind of Madness
Desperate and Eager
to Conquer the Fear

The Fear of Losing
What did not Exist
What could have been
the Joy of Life

The Sorrow of Darkness
in the depth of Happiness
That was never to be
a Mother’s Wish never to be

the Wall of Darkness
that would keep apart
the Happiness and Joy
That was Never to be

The untold Story
the unspoken Word
of the Sorrow that was
and the joy Never to be

Never ever will there be
the Goodness the Happiness
Forever drowned Beneath the Grace
Never to be

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Happiness of Loss

Happy I am
For the Loneliness
In the Darkness
Void of Happiness

It is a Crime
to find Madness
in the Craziness
of what is Lost

Learnt the Art
played the Part
with a mind Smart
of a wounded Heart

There will never be
a drama of Joy
of the Joyful Smiles
That could have Been

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I wish I could

Knowing the Hurt
Feeling the Burden
Of the Things not Done
That should have Been

A wrong
is a Wrong
is a Wrong
is a Wrong

Can never be
Undone nor Rewound
For the past
is a Ghost

There can be
No going Back
But I wish
I could Some Day

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Scared to Lose

This feeling of Loss
Loss is a feeling
What is not real
Why be scared?

A Mother, a grandmother
An Aunt, an uncle
They are not here
But they are there

The truth is
There can be no Loss
But the fear of Loss
Why be scared?

Scared to Lose
But there is no Loss
It is still there
Only in the past

The past is beautiful
It cannot change
Past exists in heaven
There is Peace

Only if we knew
To be practical
How to not feel
The feeling of anything

There will be no Fear
No Loss and no fear of losing
Losing is a mental attitude
Never ever go mental

On the Loss of
What you had
Because you can only
Have what you lost

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Madness of the Mind

The Thought
That it would Never be
Always a simple affair
Troubled by fear

Was the Destiny
That could have been
A bitter Sweet memory
Driven by Fear

The Freedom
That is of Desire unlimited
At the helm of life
Void of fear

Was the Reason
That caught the Heart
A dire feeling of sorrow
Benign with fear

Fear of the Soul
That is of the Mind
At the Pulse of the Heart
Driven by destiny

Is the Adrenaline
That createth the Madness
At all attempts for Peace
Crazy for the Truth

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Will this madness STOP!

Revenge at any cost
The party did not order it
They did not condemn it; not yet
Women and children
Meant to burn in hell; cos
They supported the wrong party
What is this freedom
The liberty to choose
Freedom of thought and expression
Is it a right of just some
Human Rights Commission
Will retreat for the weekend
Before they will make a statement; if they will
Will there be a motion
In parliament; to register
The dismay of the parliamentarians
Guadians of civil liberties of the People
I guess some people are evil
So evil that any association can
Justify taking lives to ensure a lesson!  
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Change: Why so patriotic!

What do you want to change?
Why do we want a change?
Are we going to change?
What is the problem?
Why are we in peril?
Are we concerned enough?
What do they want?
Why are they so keen?
Are they interested in us?
Or the Wealth to accumulate!
What is a cult?
Why are cults so strong?
Are we blinded by them?
For whose sake!
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But Why?

Why is the world so cruel
Why are people so arrogant
Why did god give us the power to hurt
Innocent people’s feelings and lives
To test us, perhaps
To err, is human
To be human, is natural
But nature gives us the choice
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The Circus that Failed a People

Do these people have any integrity
Do they know they are the laughing stock
Who have no value nor respect  
The Golhaas are hurt and wild about it
They can’t face the music
They are uncomfortable with criticism
Golhaa Dharubaaru is a circus
They ridicule the disabled and the dead
They shout filth and demand people listen
Yes! You guys have failed the people
You are at the end of your life
To consolidate your wealth and personal credo
Give respect; if you want respect!
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How do you Deal?

How do you deal
How do you deal with
A person that is your enemy
Someone who hates you
Someone who hates the sight of you
Someone who hates your skin
Who hates your existence
Who hates your being
Who hates your kind
Tolerance is the key
To give and not to expect
To love to be a Servant
Yes! We were born to serve
Yes! We serve day and night
Yes! We can deal with difficult people
A servant mentality!
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