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CAWM Petition to the Chief Justice

A petition to the Chief Justice against child abuse leniency and “illiteracy” of the Maldivian Judges to the Rights of Children and civilized human values in general, has been put on ipetitions by CAWM. We would appreciate your support to the petition.

Thank you, CAWM

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Letter to Chief Justice

CAWM has drafter a letter to be sent to the Chief Justice by individuals who are interested in lobbying for a more responsible Judiciary.

If you send a mail to with “Letter to Chief Justice” in the subject you will receive the template of the letter shortly.

You may send the letter to Chief Justice by registered / fast post so that a record is kept and further lobby action taken as and when required.

Thank you for your support, CAWM

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Educating the "illiterate" Judges of Maldives!

Haveeru reports that the verdict of the Criminal Court in the case of the four who raped a 12 year old girl in Kurendhu of Lhaviyani Atoll will be appealed by the Attorney General.

The court had passed a verdict on the four people of having sex with a minor and sentenced them to 8 months banishment. The magistrate had noted according to the report:

  1. The girl has reached puberty when the rape occured {ed: so she is up for grabs!}
  2. The girl had not screamed {ed: so she must have enjoyed it!}
  3. The girl had asked her step mother to keep it secret {ed: so she must have wanted more!}
  4. The girl had told a sister in law that nothing had happened {ed: so she wanted more orgies!}

Therefore, the magistrate had reason and grounds to believe that a rape (forced sex) had not occured. {We wonder what would happen if a gang rapes the magistrate and he is not able to scream, and later tell people not to talk about it!}

We believe that immediat action needs to be taken by the Parliament, the NGO lobby groups, and the Ministry of Gender and Family to sensitize the judges who are “illiterate” of the values of modern civilization.

The “illiteracy” of the Maldives Judicial System toward the protection of the rights of children and the prevention of child abuse was also evident on the TVM program “Ten to Eleven” which was aired sometime last week.

We would like to encourage all concerned persons to write their respective MPs to take legislative action to remedy this dire situation immediately.

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Report on Physical Abuse of Children

One of the definitions of child abuse is: the physical mistreatment of children.

There are no published accounts or reports of child abuse in the Maldives. Therefore, it is indeed very difficult to hold an unbiased account of the issue. The literature that is available is either published by the government or in the local print media which is more opinion and heresay based than through investigative journalism or research based.

In order that we take action to fill this gap, I am proposing to fund a report on this aspect of child abuse in the country – with a situational analysis, achievements and challenges, legal context, compliane to existing conventions, and recommendations. Those who are interested to take up the project may send in a single page (A4 size) proposal to and CAWM will contact by email for further clarification. We will announce the successful applicant within fifteen days of the third proposal received or by the first of October, whichever comes first.

The report is to be in Dhivehi with a two page summary in the English language. This will be the first of the quarterly reports that has been suggested to CAWM.

The report will be made available as a resource tool for use by interested lobby groups.

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RFA against Child Abuse

Local NGO Rights for All launched a child abuse awareness campaign on Friday. They handed out leaflets at the artificial beach and around the Children’s Park near Kalaafaanu School.

The leaflet described different forms of child abuse including: physical abuse, phsychological abuse, sexual abuse. It als described very briefly the consequences of child abuse: becoming suicidal, addiction to drugs, psychiatric disorders, among others.

It also cited the following as measures that can be taken against child abuse: (i) refrain from causing any form of abuse to children, (ii) reporting any form of child abuse to the relevant authorities, (iii) educating the public on child abuse.

The leaflet also encouraged to report any form of child abuse either to the Police (3322112 ext. 3566 / 3166) or the Gender Ministy (3328393 / 7793673). It aslo requested that any cases reported to be informed to RFA on 7682210. The RFA leaflet also said that legal advice on protection from child abuse is available from the Legal Advice Clinic of Hama Jamiyya.

We wish RFA well in their endeavours.

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