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One more human rights day is gone

Day before yesterday was the Human Rights Day. It was celebrated with much fan and fervor. Being in a self imposed isolation away from the hustle and bustle of human rights and the rest of the cruelties of society, I wondered what impact this celebration will have on the lives of the victims of human rights abuses and violence, and those who are vulnerable to such abuse.

A close friend of many who have suffered as child victims of various forms of violence, and those who continue to suffer neglect and abuse by the State and society who give a free hand to perpetrators of violence – I can’t help wonder what we are celebrating.

Now that the celebration is over, can someone please tell me what John (not his real name) who is sleeping in abandoned open space because he is thrown out of his home by his grandmother and family because of his mental illness from his substance abuse a few years ago, will get out of this celebration?

Please tell me what Peter (not his real name) who has not seen daylight out in the open from his room, can expect from this celebration. Not a single soul has visited him and his mother who have braved the isolation for over 29 years while his father works hard to make ends meet.

Tell me what the mother of Jane (not her real name) can expect from family, friends and the community; for she is now not in a physical condition to carry her 29 year old daughter who has been bedridden since birth to the toilet or to shower.

Tell me what Jack (not his real name) can expect from a neighborhood whose entertainment it is to find joy in their bullying of him.

These are the people we celebrated day before yesterday. Nothing has changed in their life on any December 10th and is not likely to change on the next December 10th.

But this celebration is good for so many people who dress up for the occasion.

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