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Justice Ministry trying to appease public fears

Justice Ministry is reported to have proposed amendments to the Judicial Procedures Manual article 173 which defines judgements for sexual offenses. The proposed changes have been submitted to the Attorney General (who does not exist at this moment) for his advise. We are not quite sure of the legality of a person who does not legally exist.

This seems to be more a series of PR stunts by the Government to respond to the growing concern for the government’s incapacity to act in a civilized fashion to the “horrendous” sexual abuse cases. We will not accept such gimmicks unless we see something is done.

CAWM reported recently, the text of a speech by the Minister of the Government of Maldives responsible for Children over five years ago, in New York. The speech was meant to impress the international community and secure funding. The aspirations and commitments expressed in the speech still remain unattended.

We call upon all concerend bloggers to encourage as many people as possible, to write to the Chief Justice and to participate in the CAWM petition to the Chief Justice at ipetitions. A template of the letter to the Chief Justice can be emailed by to those who request for it.

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Is this how they respond?

Yesterday I called Gender Ministry with regards to the leaflet which RFA published with joint efforts with Gender Ministry. I wanted to request for a soft copy of the leaflet.

I was greeted with a rude hello and when I asked who was on the line he asked in a rude voice, who I wanted to talk to. I explained him that I wanted to speak to a senior official and if he was one. His reply was, “Yes! I am one of the most senior officials.” When I asked for his name, his name was even more rude. “Ask what you want to ask.”

In my opinion, this is not the way a government official, specially an official from Gender Ministry should answer a phone call from public. He must be atleast ready to reveal his name, as a sign of politeness.

And then, when I asked him about the leaflet, he doesn’t quite seem to know about it. His answer was, “I don’t know!” I didn’t have much time to waste with him and I hung up the phone.

I was greeted and spoken much better when I called RFA.


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