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Lost Heritage!

This afternoon I was sitting at Alfresco with a friend of mine over an espresso. As I looked at the National Handicrafts Centre just opposite where I was sitting, I saw a couple and their child trying very hard to open the heavy glass door at the entrance to the handicraft centre and sales outlet.

The said handicrats centre is a state of the art design and the staff there are well groomed in their appearance and the uniform looks as good as any of the top-brand names hotel chains in the Maldives. The mobile phones that they carry are also the latest in technology and fashion. Yet not one of the staff had the courage no the courtesy to step up and open the door for the customers.

I could not help wondering a local saying, “araathibi fankandaalevey iru engen vaane!”, which means we should know when we are cutting the branch we are sitting on. And to me, what we are sitting on right now is the heritage of peace, tranquility, tolerance and hospitality. That was the national heritage! Not the rose, or the flag with the red, green and white!

We have groomed our young to make a fast buck, without values and principles. We have failed to inculcate human qualities that enable young people to uphold our heritage. The keepers of our coffer have mistaken the real “branch” that we were sitting on, for sea-sand-and-sun. We were in such a cocoon that we thought this was the only place in the world where the traveler could get the benefit of “sss” and never bothered about the rest.

We branded the Maldives “Sunny Side of Life” not knowing that it was not the physical sense of the phrase that would appeal the traveller to these shores. I will bet that at the rate we are deteriorating, the travellers whose spending account for nearly 70% of the GDP would cease to exist in the very near future.

I believe we have cut the branch that we were sitting on! Alhugandumen mithibee araathibi fan kandaalaigen!


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National Security Committee: The Giant finally off the Slumber!

The government, having failed to contain the street violence and the hate “killings” have finally made a decision to bring in the national defence force (the military) to bring a false temporary calm to the streets of Male’. This is a tactic that has been used before. But once the violence seemingly subsides, the matter is forgotten. The Sultan Park Bombing brought the military onto the streets of the capital almost immediately. But it took fatal blows to many and over 70 cases to be filed with the Attorney General for prosecution, by the Maldives Police Service, in three months; and 80 guys in police custody related to street violence, and a few dead young people – for the slumber giant “The National Security Committee” to wipe their eyes and hold a meeting.

It is also interesting to learn that the army has a mandate to reinforce the police in special circumstances … or criminal action”, only now after such mayhem and blood baths on the streets and in public places and homes. The generals don’t ask why when the government asks them to do something; if one is to believe what Haveeru has reported in its breaking news. I wonder whether that is the same way they operate even if the government will not ask them to do anything – let this nation suffocate itself!

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