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Bank of Maldives… Corrupt to the Core!!!

The prestigous Bank of Maldives is a corrupt institution that harbors criminals, and the devious acts of the officers of the bank compelled the Maldives Police Service to break into the bank premises and take documents of those who have harbored the millions they have stashed away from their fraudulent and criminal activities with the help of the officers of the Bank of Maldives.

The Police used overriding sweeping powers granted to them by law, when “puppets” of the former regime planted in the Judiciary and within the Maldives Monetary Authority withheld Police efforts to get a court order for a search warrant. The Attorney General has said that he believes that the Police acted in accordance with the law in the raid on the Bank of Maldives.

The recent developments show that the national financial institutions of the Maldives are corrupt to the core. The officers there may have been strategically planted by fraudulent and criminal elements within the previous regime to safeguard their personal criminal activities.

The Bank of Maldives can no longer be trusted to safeguard genuine business transactions.



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Paedophile Sympathizers…

Yesterday I was sitting in ALFresco for a coffee with some of my coffee-cafe-colleagues when the subject of the protest against Naseem So for giving tuition to children at his house came up. These were men who had fought bitterly for reform and rights and for decocracy and human rights in this country.

The men felt that what NOOR was doing now amounted to undue harassment of a law abiding citizen who had served time for his wrongdoing. After all, he has been convicted and punished. They believed that he had the right to lead a normal life. That it was the parents who sent their children to him for tuition; and the parents new that he was convicted of systemically sexually abusing his students when he was a teacher in Iskandhar School. So, when the parents decide to send their children to Naseem So for tuition it was ok.

The same sentiments were what I got from people on two separate occassions yesterday. And last night, according to Miadhu Daily Online, a group of people from the neighbourhood protested against the protestors. Maidhu reported that those who confronted the protestors asked why there should be a protest against a person who had served his punishment for something wrong such a long time ago, when there were paedophiles who were under investigation and not brought to justice.

This sympathy to Naseem so is very interesting. It shows our attitude to sexual child abuse as a people and a nation. The Ministry of Home Affairs also reacted against the petition being circulated by NOOR.

Maldives is really a haven for paedophiles!



Mind boggling figures…

The Defense Minister and Home Minister and the Police Commissioner gave a joint press conference on Tuesday to brief the public on the ongoing street violence and gang related murders that are terrorizing Male’.

Some of the figures that were revealed in the press conference were mind-boggling. The new “Pentagon” Prison going to cost the country over 80million Rufiyaa. This is over 400,000 Rufiyaa (30,000 US Dollars) per head for each of the 200 inmates for whom the prison is being built. [I was told that the cost per key for a three-star resort hotel is under 70,000 US Dollars.]

The cost of maitaining a prisoner is currently at 36,000 Rufiyaa (nearly 3,000 US Dollars) a month. This according to the Defense Minister is equal to housing one person in a nearby tourist resort!

And there are over 500 convicted criminals roaming the streets of Male’, ready to engage in further criminal activity. Male’ is the capital city buzzling with crime. And if the press briefing is to be believed, the crime infrastructure is so far ahead of the law and order capabilities that soon the criminals will take over the captial city of this paradise nation.

Minivan report on the press briefing

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He Said I Said…

I said:

If this Majlis fails to deliver on what is required of it and uphold the promising new August Constitution, the people should come out and lock the House and dissolve it. People who are paid beyond our means cannot be left to hijack the People.
January 15, 2009 5:33:00 PM MVT

He (Ibra) said:

@Shihab :I would really like you leading the charge, Shihab. About time you actually did something. We have done our bit over tyhe past four years. At least now you can be certain that you will not be beaten and jailed for “dissolving” the Parliament. You know, our work would have been so much easier if you had joined us on Jumhooree Maidhaan on 12/13 August 2004 or maybe you could have joined Anni on Nov 10th to “lock the Majlis and force the members to finish the constitution” while Qayyoom was in full power. Shake a leg, Shihab. And get a refill of the coffee.
January 15, 2009 6:15:00 PM MVT

He (Anonymous) said:

Shihab,You are one hell of a person to comment on this. Aren’t you one of the members of the commitee who oversaw the presidential or parliamentary system. What a farce that was. You directly benefit from people like salih. How can you even start thinking about the good of the Maldives or her people. Go have another coffee and criticize the good people of this country who is trying to do some good things to this country. You are one of those self claimed “wannabe intellectuals” who does not have the balls to do anything but would like to come out and portray yourself as a hero and take credit off the people who shed their blood to get these freedoms. Get a life.
January 16, 2009 7:21:00 AM MVT

I said:
@January 16, 2009 7:21:00 AM MVT:

I know what Ibra means when he tells me to do my bit and shake a leg… and respect what he means…

But I am sorry that you are ill-informed on what I did for the “good of this nation”… And btw it was the Raa Kaaf Committee Elections that I was charged with, and it would be good to find out how it all went… And also find out NEW elements of a free and fair election that were introduced by the committee which oversaw the elections and how it impacted the mindsets of people about the elections that followed… The minutes and documentation should be in the xAtolls Ministry…

And I am what I am today because I did not want to touch a penny that I did not earn…

I despise the current Majlis for reasons I have because I love this nation…

My Note: It is so sad that we attack the person when we don’t have a substantial view on an issue!


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Dhivehi Raajje….

… gotheh fotheh neiy insaanunge baaru gadha biruveri vilaagandegge dhashugai oiy 21 vana garunuge gaumu…!!!


President Nasir dead at 82 years

A state funeral will be accorded to Late President Nasir (1926 – 2008). His body was brought to Male’ this afternoon and received by President Nasheed and his cabinet, state dignitaries and well wishers who turned out in large numbers. The event was telecast live on state television TVM.

People continue to queue up in large numbers in the rain to give their last respects to Late President Nasir, who chose not to visit the country ever in his lifetime after he left the country in December 1978 after handing over power to President Gayoom.

The state television has been broadcasting a live event throughout the day, with snapshots of the numerous services of President Nasir including his efforts to get independence from the British, economic and social development including the introduction of English medium education, tourism, mechanized fishing dhonis, an international airport, the then prestigous national shipping line, state TV and radio, membership of international bodies, establishing the first Atoll Education Centre or the introduction of modern schooling to the atolls and many more.

Residents of Thinadhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll protested the flying of national flag at half mast. They protest saying that the several people who were murdered under the regime of President Nasir must be mourned before mourning the death of Late President Nasir.

It will be up to the historians of the new democratic Maldives to give two sides of the story to the future generations of Maldives. We have a tradition of deleting parts of history that do not fit the whims of the government of the day!

Late President Nasir’s funeral will take place after the Early Morning Prayers on 24th November 2008, Monday.


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Congratulations… TVM!!!

This afternoon just an hour before six oclock, TVM made history in the historic presidential elections to happen in Maldives on October 8th. The presentation of an individual profile of each presidential candidate and a closing statement for the campaign by each candidate was a very useful last step to th election campaign. It was impressive because the profiles of the candidates were informative, unbiased and fair by all means.

I believe TVM and its staff deserve a note of congratulations for standing out as an institution of integrity and unbiased reporting. Congratulations TVM!

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Men and Men: Guardians of the Good

In a moment of reflection, I could not just help wondering the great responsibilities that have come to the shoulders of the men and men who have been placed to kick-start the new constitution for the Maldivian people. The members of the election commission, the supreme court bench, the judicial services commission and others have on them, the onous to make the right decisions.

The difficult thing is that there is little precedence, institutional memory and wisdom that are a function of good decisions; for these institutions. They have to do a rush job and ensure that it is done democratically, fairly and correctly. There is no democratic culture in us, yet everyone expects these immature institutions to do a first-class job void of any flaws, and therefore will not accept anything short of their personal belief.

That is an unfathomable challenge that the men and men who make up these institutions are faced with today. I can only empathize with them.


Adaalath Party takes the elections to court

Adhaalath Party which claims they do things the Islamic way, have taken the Elections Commission to the Supreme Court for accepting Maumoon’s candidacy to stand in the upcoming presidential elections. Adhaalath claims that Maumoon is not a Muslim of a Sunni sect of Islam, when the constitution requires that one should belong to a Sunni sect.

Adhaalath is the institutional strength behind the Jumhooree Gulhun or Republican Coalition, whose presidential candidate is Villa Foundation Chairman Gasim Ibrahim. They have a considerable support base in the political landscape, by being the self-appointed guardians of Islam in the Maldives. Adhaalath type of Islam is fearful because they seemingly claim to have the authority to decide who is a Muslim and who is not. And the other is this prejudice that Sunni Muslims are more Muslim than others.

So what I see is a new type of Islam in the evolution phase. All my life, I had believed Islam to be one religion and a simple way of life which is dignified and caring, not one of greed and a hate-bashing institution of sheer lunacy. I still believe that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance; not the type that is manifesting amongst us right now.

Jumhooree Party has not distanced itself from the court-case to prove that Maumoon is not a “proper” Muslim, thought they were quick to announce their shock and awe at the President of the Youth League of the party who lodged a complaint against Anni in the Supreme Court. Jumhooree spokesperson was highly apologetic whenever he mentioned the incident, and said that the party was going to expell the Youth League President from the party if he did not fall in line. He also seemed to be of the opinion that it should be the people and not the Supreme Court
Bench who decides a president.

Come to think of it, I think the fact that Anni could say “let the people decide” shows his trust and confidence in the people of this country to make the right decision. Clearly Adhaalath fears the people will make the wrong decision. They have no confidence in the wisdom of the people – people are ignorant and only the scholars know!

This action of Adhaalath which is clearly a unilateral action by Adhaalath and without the backing of their coalition partner, definitely shows the Adhaalath way of doing things. They cannot trust the majority to decide. What I cannot understand is that this so called democracy is not an Islamic institution and why are a religous party entagled in it.

Islam is becoming confusing (atleast when forced to believe that Adhaalath is its guardian); and so is democracy. I atleast thought I knew Islam.

You may also like to read the story as reported in Minivan and Miadhu


Forward Nation: The Project

Our nation is outflowing with the manifestation of the real Maldivian (the person, not the airline).

My worst nighmare in forty two years have been the ridicule of Badheeaa (not the real name) in our neighborhood, who was a mentally ill person. That was the entertainment. Everyone seemed to enjoy when hooligans got her to do things that were “entertaining”. This sadistic nature of the Maldivian has been the most hard to forget single experience that repeated all my life. We enjoy laughing at people, mocking at disadvataged people, making fun of the disabled and the rest. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the kind of manifestations that we are seeing today in the political arena.

Sadism is the single highest common factor of the Maldivian. Why else would the “mainstream” media interview “Moya Nasira” on aspects of political leadership, and make that the cover page!

I pray that when all this is over, there will be a project called “Forward Nation” (Gaumaaigen Kuriyah) which will inculcate some civility into the Maldivian. It is quite possible since people like Hilmy from the Classification Bureau of the Information Ministry (who are running the Project “Think Nation”) are still likely to be around.

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