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Runaway Child sent back to the Father

We have learnt that a teenage girl who accused her father of having abused her has been handed back to her father, after she ran away from home and was taken under the care of the Maldivian Consulate in Trivandrum. The details of the case are not clear.

The mother of the girl informed that when the authorities were contacted she was told she needed to buy the tickets, and they would arrange for her safe return to Male’. However, according to the mother, she was informed today after she went with the ticket that the girl has agreed to go back to her father and that they cannot help the mother to bring her back to Male’.

Officials within the government who were contacted by Child Rights activists were told that there is nothing that they can do as the father is the legal guardian. And that the child has agreed to go back to the father. Ofcourse, we can imagine how that would be. They also say that the case cannot be even recognized unless it is reported to the Police. The mother is yet hesitant to go the Police as there is little likelihood that anything will come out of it.

Child Rights activists group NOOR is looking for a lawyer who can advice or help the mother of the child in this case. Those interested may contact NOOR or leave a comment to this post.

We will report as the details are verified and confirmed.


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Criminal past of dead baby's mother revealed

A mother accused of beating her eight-month-old baby boy to death had a long history of criminal activity, according to both police and the prosecutor general’s office.

Nooruzaadha Ali, 28, from Addu atoll Hithadhoo, was arrested twice in 2002, once for sexual misconduct and the second time for prostitution, said Deputy Prosecutor General Hussein Shameem. She was sentenced to eight months house arrest for the first offence, which she breached, and six months imprisonment for the second. The same year, she was put under house arrest for disobedience of order, which she violated and was fined Rf150 (US$12).

In 2006, she was arrested on the same charge and was ordered to spend two months in jail. In 2004, Nooruzaadha was handed a six-year sentence for possession of drugs and in 2005 and 2007, she was given two 12-year sentences on each occasion for drug possession.

Adding to her litany of offences, Police Sergeant Ahmed Shiyam said Nooruzaadha had been arrested in 2004 for mugging someone and twice in 2005 for drug possession and dealing.

The eight-month-old baby died in the intensive care unit of Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital a week ago. The baby had severe head and neck injuries, scratches all over and showed signs of having been sexually abused, according to police.

Three people, including Nooruzaadha and her boyfriend, Mohamed Waheed, 46, from Male’ had been arrested. The third man is currently under investigation and has not yet been named.

Full report

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Sexual Abuse of Daughters: reported by Miadhu

Miadhu 1 May 2009:

Maldives Police Services have revealed that they have commenced investigations in to allegations of sexual abuse of 2 daughters by the father.

At the Thursday Police media briefing held at Shaheed Hussain Adam Building, Head of Family and Child Protection Unit of Maldives Police Services Inspector Mirufath Faiz said the case of 68 year old Hussain Adam of White Rose of Hdh Kulhudhufushi sexually abusing his own daughters by intimidation was reported to Laamu Fonadhoo Police Station on 23 April.

Inspector Mirufath also revealed that during the course of the investigations the accused had confessed to sexually abusing his 2 daughters and despite repeated complaints of sexual assaults from the daughters, the mother had ignored the matter.

“Investigations reveal that Hussain Adam regularly tortured and intimidated the mother and the daughters and as a result of such intimidation and pain, the family was forced to accept and tolerate such evil action. The mother had agreed to keep the door of their room open while she and her daughters change clothes because of fear. He has married several times and we are not clear on how many children he has, but according to information he has children all over the country” the Inspector said.

According to Inspector Mirufath, Hussain Adam has been sexually abusing his 2 daughters since they were five year olds. She informed that Hussain Adam’s daughters are now 13 and 16 years and that so far no attempt was made to provide them with any education.



NGOs write to President Nasheed

Miadhu Online : 17th November 2008

Five NGOs has sent a letter to President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) urging him not to pardon any inmates serving time in jail for child abuse.

President Nasheed after his success in the country’s first ever multiparty presidential elections has publicly declared that he will review cases of each every inmate serving time in Jail and will provide leniency where ever possible.

Speaking on the matter representative of NGO Rights for All Nashiya Shareef informed Miadhu Daily that in addition to Rights for All, 4 other NGOs working for the protection of Children’s Rights, Hand in Hand, Silent Voice, Empowering Movement and Ensure has taken the initiative to send the letter to President Nasheed.

In the letter, the 5 NGOs expressed concern that inmates’ already serving time for various offenses involving child abuse may be pardoned. They expressed that these offenders are serving time in Jail with out receiving any special treatment. Nashiya expressed that it is likely that these offenders may be repeated offenders and such it is these offenders if released pose a potential threat. Nashiya informed that may children live in constant fear of such threats and that in many instances child abuse cases are not proven in courts.

Nashiya informed the 5 NGOs have urged the President to seriously consider the consequences before pardoning any child abuse offenders and to provide them with necessary rehabilitation before such offenders are released to the society.

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Sustained Poverty is Child Abuse

Let’s please tell this story to all responsible and mature people who can understand the underlying issues. We need to take action now.

Absolute poverty can push people to the limits! And young children are most vulnerable!

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The Girl in a Wheel Chair "parked" outside the Mosque

The other day a girl in a wheel chair was “parked” in front of the gate to Orchid Magu, Bandaara Miskiiy. She was there when people came out of the mosque after the Asr prayers. She was in the heat of the sun.

A person wearing a mundu and a shirt came and wheeled her away after the prayers. He probably had gone into the mosque for prayers leaving the girl there.

The man is seen quite often around the bazaar wheeling the girl-child who has a walking-disability. It is a pathetic sight. We cannot understand why the person has to walk around with the girl, displaying her in a manner that is perceived to attract sympathy.

It may be quite inappropriate to give a judgement on how right or wrong this act is. But we feel that this is a situation of child abuse by mistreatment to the child.

CAWM will take up the matter with Child Protection Services to highlight the plight of this girl and take necessary action to stop this abuse. We would like to call upon all like minded persons to take up the issue with relevant government authorities and civil service agencies.

This is just a case of lack of awareness of childrens’ rights in our society.


Taking infants for a ride! Can the government restrict it?

AafathisNET reports that an accident involving a motorist who had taken an infant for a ride without the mandatory safety jacket. Apparently the accident did not result in any fatal injuries as both motorist had been riding at low speeds.

The report argues that the streets of Male’ are heavily packed with traffic and therefore not quite safe for riding with infants especially without the mandatory safety jacket. However, the report highlights that a parent has said that he believe he should have the freedom to take his child on his motorbike without any restrictions by the authorities.

Apparently the Attorney General’s Office has issued caution to all motorists that those violating the mandatory requirement when riding with an infant will be charged under the relevant section of the Law on Land Vehicles. The punishment for violating the same is banishment for six months to a year or house arrest and withholding of license for a period of one to two years.

Child abuse by neglect is a major issue in the Maldives. Authorities have promised to act responsibly in relations to these “horrendous” acts of abuse, yet the translation of these promises into action is yet to be seen in a manner that is commensurat with those promises.

We would like to call on all parties to act responsibly in safeguarding the lives of children.


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Inaya … cyber harassers targeting local girls!

Inaya says, in her Haveeru feature:

It is one thing to take funny pictures and share it with friends and laugh at the good times, but quite another thing when those same pictures are on the web for the viewing pleasures of perverts, pedophiles and god knows what else!

This is a reality for growing up girls as well as young boys in our midst. It is very important that we refrain from supporting such activities. We can refuse visiting such sites or sponsoring sites that feature children’s pictures that can be used for “viewing pleasures of perverts, pedophiles” and such other people.

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Response to Kulhudhuffushi Murder

A message has been sent to the Ministry of Gender and Family ( by CAWM to initiate an immediate response to the Kulhudhufushi Murder; to prepare the parents and children to deal with issues and after effects of this psychological disaster. There are also underlying issues which need to be addressed before we face worse consequences. Our children are our future; they have to be taken care of!

Your support will be appreciated. Thank you, CAWM.


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